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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 16 July 2018 - Rich 73 yrs old!!

"Ferrari driver, 73, pleads guilty to obstructing Orchard Road

SINGAPORE: Ferrari driver Shi Ka Yee, who has been in and out of court for various charges including assaulting another driver, pleaded guilty on Monday (Jul 16) to obstructing Orchard Road with her car two years ago.
Shi, 73, had stopped her car between the third and fourth lanes of Orchard Road, just after Claymore Road, on Jun 29, 2016 at about 5.40pm. 
Among other things, she told him that he should return to China if he wanted to sound the horn of his bus.
Mr Wu told Shi to move her car to the side of the road, but she refused to.
Officers in a police patrol car that was going down Orchard Road noticed that there was a traffic jam and drove down to find out what happened.
When they arrived, Shi was sitting inside her car which was still parked across two lanes.
The officers asked Shi to move her car, but she said she did not want the bus to move off because she was calling the police to report Mr Wu's behaviour. She eventually complied and drove off.
Another charge of using insulting words on Mr Wu was taken into consideration in her conviction on Monday.
For stopping her vehicle on the road in a manner to cause obstruction to other road users, Shi could be jailed for up to three months and fined up to S$1,000 for the first offence, with the penalties doubled for subsequent convictions.
Shi faces six more charges, which she intends to plead guilty to. These include drink driving and removing the ignition key from a crane bucket, locking a man inside for more than an hour. She will return for a pre-trial conference later this month.
In March, she was sentenced to a month's jail and banned from driving for six months for assaulting another car driver in Telok Ayer Street in 2014."
She is a legend by now. Rich enough to do what she had done n luckily no one was hurt physically. Or at least badly re the assault in 2014.
She is also a curiosity as why would a rich old lady behaved in such an irrational manner? Is this a case of rich empty person unloved despite material wealth? 
Without more information, one can only make guesses.
For all we know she is much loved just that she wants more than her family n loved ones can give!?
She must b pretty tough too as the one month jail didn't help her to exercise enough control to commit the offences in 2016!
Maybe it is a disease that can only be rid off if she had nothing n dirt poor taking Bus or MRT or Walk (BMW)??
A relaxing though comical sad case to start the week!

ps: Amid the chaos in the opening session of the Msia parliament, one of its ministers said Msia will start official contact with Sgp on the HSR proj by end July. Hope it goes on as planned n put some clarity on this mega project amongst other contentious issues that need good neighbourliness n sense to tackle well.

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