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Friday, January 19, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 16-18 January 2018 - SMRT in the news??

Was in Beijing since 16/1 night n now catching up on comments on news worthy news!!

"SMRT'schief spokesman quits; more management changes on the cards

SINGAPORE - SMRT's vice-president of corporate communications Patrick Nathan has resigned from the rail operator.
The Straits Times understands Mr Nathan, 56, is now serving out his notice, but has not told his team when his last day is and who will replace him.
In what is seen as a start of management changes at a company besieged with massive breakdowns, serious safety breaches and questionable work culture, Mr Nathan's resignation came amid other appointments in SMRT.
The former national security specialist joined SMRT in 2011 to head its security and emergency planning department following a vandalism case at its Bishan depot.
Two years later, he was picked to become SMRT chief spokesman after Ms Kalai Natarajan, a public relations veteran, quit the post suddenly after five months in the job.
The public's call for change at SMRT has become louder since the latest spate of incidents, which included a tunnel flooding that was traced to wilful negligence of maintenance.
Observers are expecting chief executive Desmond Kuek to step down as well."
At least this news has nothing to do with breakdowns of services!
While one want to be objective n not judged if a national security specialist can be good at Corp communication, the results showed not so good trend. So, it seems Mr Nathan has been asked to do a task that he is out of depth! Maybe his bosses disagree n believe he is doing well in communicating the Corp messages!!??
If so, it may indicate, again, poor mgt judgement n assignment of roles n responsibilities by senior leaders!!
Anyway, the current Group CEO can probably pack his bag n get ready for a promotion to another Temasek companies g8ven his past appointment as Chief of Defense Force!! Or maybe Temasek has learned to be more responsible to use taxpayer's money in hiring "best in class" mgt besides just taking care of ex-early retired armed forces type??
Majulah SMRT under the new leadership!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 15 January 2018 - A lighter moment?

"3 women arrested for being naked in public, 5 for drug offences

SINGAPORE: Eight women have been arrested in a late-night raid of public entertainment outlets, said the police in a news release on Monday (Jan 15). 
The joint operation with the Central Narcotics Bureau took place last Thursday. It started at 11pm and went on for six hours.
Three of the women were arrested for appearing nude in public. Among them, two were also suspected of flouting employment and immigration laws. 
The other five women were arrested for suspected drug-related offences. Channel NewsAsia understands that the women were all arrested at Cuppage Plaza. 
Investigations against the suspects are ongoing, said the police."

Hmm. Why would the 3 women be naked in public? As for drug related offences, any human, male or female, can be addicted to drug! That's how it is!!

Anyway, a release of sort from the dire news of Trump tweeting about some countries r like "shxthole" or some French radio woman saying woman can "orgasm during a rape" or the H&M fashion company's online advert of a black kid titled: "The monkey in a garden" or something to that effect! i.e. the world media full of people saying unbelievably STUPID THINGS n expect the rest of the world to be as moronic n idiotic as them!!

Blessed the enforcement officers n the 8 ladies arrested. 

ps: great to see PM Lee n Msia PM Najib officially opening the joint development properties of the Duo n Marina One. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 14 January 2018 - A politician's future ...

"Not worried about his political future

SINGAPORE: It’s been about four months since Tan Chuan-Jin took on the role of Speaker of Parliament, but still, the word that is most often associated with him is “demoted”. When I meet him in Parliament House for our interview, he says with a wry smile that he thinks it’s unfortunate that many members of the public continue to fixate on this.
The 49-year-old, who spent nearly 24 years in the military before entering politics, has been “a good soldier” throughout this. If he is disappointed with his new role, he rarely shows it, often speaking about it with a smile on his face.
But beneath the veneer of the good soldier, there must be a man who wondered why he was moved from his position as a full minister to take on the largely procedural role of Speaker and a politician who might be worried about his future.
He admits to wondering about the reasons for his new appointment.
“I did think about why this happened. I thought about it in my own mind, but I don’t linger on these issues.""
This is the MOST IMPORTANT reason to find out for the public: WHY was he moved fr an executive (full minister) to an admin role?
While he has been, unfortunately, n unfairly in my opinion, tagged as the "old people collect cardboards for fun n exercise" guy, he has a good heart n r producing results!
That he is still nonplussed abt why exactly he was moved destroyed my theory that he is slated for the next EP in 2022/23?
Anyway, unless he has really pissed off the power that be, even when his political career ends tomorrow, he should be set for life with some GLCs posting n/or board seats/advisors role!! Money wse should be alright!
Key is can he handle the "loss of prestige n power n influence"? Fr this interview, it seems he can.
What remain will be for him to leverage his past appointments n relationship established to do the social services work that he felt is meaningful n can contribute!
If the 3rd generation Lee ever enter politics, then the dynastic inclination alleged in an ugly public spat by the LEEs last year has some legs to go.
And that probably means that despite being an obedient good soldier, he may not be as compliance as the other general who likes to "kee chiu" n obliged!!
Whatever his next phase of life may be, assigned political role can only last this long if u r just doing n taking one for the team!!
All the best to Mr Tan CJ n that he be moved back to the executive role later in the future!!