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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 19 November 2017 - PAP Congress...

Nothing abt the leadership transition yet at this time though we will get more information on this.

In the meantime, what had been reported in CNA website thus far:

1. "Citing examples from Western democracies, PM Lee pointed out that mainstream political parties in the UK and US are “no longer seen to represent the common man’s interests”.

White, working-class Americans who voted for US President Donald Trump, he said, had lost faith not just in one leader or another, but in the whole system of politics and government.
“We must never let this happen in Singapore,” he said."
Well I think this "shift" has started! The 38 Oxley saga. The awkwardly executed reserved EP. The perplexing reluctance to "fire the SMRT Chief" despite many serious issues. I say by all means keep the recently installed SMRT Chairman as he is new. Also keep Minister Khaw as he DID volunteer for this m HAD initiated a few NEW do-differently like Rails Academy, etc. though it is better he stops providing excuses for SMRT mgt!!
2. "People must know the PAP not as a remote, impersonal Government, but as their team, as a human, personal presence – your caring MP, your friendly branch secretary, people whom you know, people who have shown that they can get things done, and will help you through difficulties and improve your lives."
This will take a lot MORE EFFORTS fr the PAP folks. 
Let's wait for the leadership line-u when available. 

Daily Lessons from Life 18 November 2017 - All quiet...

Nothing significant on the news to comment abt today. A good day truly!?

Glad to read abt the repeat Masarati driver whose last act of injuring a police officer on duty had been arrested n charged. While one wants to be merciful with offenders, this repeat offender probably deserves nothing but the heaviest of sentencing for his reckless n dangerous act!!

Interesting to note his address is a HDB unit. Did not do too badly in the money front probably though definitely very short on substance in his brain!!

Rash acts must hv consequences. May he get the punishment befitting his crime!!

ps: China n North Korea are talking trade again! A reward for keeping quiet with Trump in Asia n as guest of its patron, China!?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Daily lessons from Life 17 November 2017 - Lee Kuan Yew said: "If things don't work, the Chief Go!"

The video clip of late Mr Lee Kuan Yew say something to the effect: everything works in Sgp. And when they don't, he wants to know WHY. And if he is dissatisfied, n he often is not; the Chief go! Firing the Chief is easy. Finding a good one is not!

Many hope that his son, PM Lee, will heed his advice. Esp the part in: "The Chief go!" for the MRT debacle.

Alas, it is MORE LIKELY PM Lee will use the 2nd part of his late father's advice: "Finding the good one is not easy!!" After all, when DK was "volunteered" in 2012, the Board has, SUPPOSEDLY, searched the world n could not find a more worthy person than the x-Chief of Defence who has experiences in overseeing defence maintenance, maybe, though no train experience.

Just like when Mrs PM Lee was the best candidate in the world after a short stint by an expat, Mr Goodyear, helmed Temasek!!

Maybe it is time to follow DBS example n hire a Foreign Talent n admit that our World Class local talent simply CANNOT measure up!!

Is it so DIFFICULT to admit THEY were WRONG to appoint DK to the job?

Or maybe, like the reserved EP, the government is prepared to accept the political cost??

If so, it is definitely detrimental to the interests n benefits of Sgp n Singaporeans!!

Sgp is unique in that: "EVERYTHING WORKS!" as stated by late Mr LKY.

If this is NOT THERE, what is so unique abt Sgp!!

Put aside the ego n face. Admit we need FT in this case. Probably 1 of the very rare cases where Sgp voters will welcome!!

Majulah Singapura.

I love my nation. This corrosive culture MUST be RID OF!!