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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Daily Lessons from Life 18 September 2019 - How to help when help is unwanted?

"Chin Swee Road toddler death: Local MP Lily Neo expresses concern, sadness

While details of the crime will only come to light later in court proceedings, Dr Neo told CNA that she has several unanswered questions.

“I feel sad that such a thing happened. I feel very concerned about why it happened,” she said.

The remains of the two-year-old were found on Sep 10 this year in a flat in Block 52 Chin Swee Road, more than five years after the alleged murder happened.

While Dr Neo has made efforts to investigate the circumstances of the family, she said several social service agencies are active in the block and the surrounding area​​​​​​​. Official support programmes are in place for the elderly, who make up a majority of the Chin Swee area, and for children.

Social service agencies make their rounds in the area, and there are organisations that help on an ad-hoc basis, such as delivering food and cleaning up homes.

However, Dr Neo said that help can only be provided once it is known that assistance is required.

“If they are completely isolated, it can be difficult to help them. If you don’t even get to see them, and they don’t want to see you, how do you go about it?” she asked.

Not everyone opens the door when she and her team do home visits, she said.

“It could be that they are not in, they want their privacy, or they don’t want to be disturbed,” she said.

Dr Sheena Jebal, chief executive of NuLife Care and Counselling Centre, said her staff have had similar experiences.

As part of outreach efforts following the organisation’s move to Chin Swee Road in February this year, Dr Jebal arranged for a team of staff, volunteers and counsellors to knock on doors to help spruce up homes.

They had trouble offering these services in some instances, she said. “Even before they knew why my staff, volunteer or counsellor were there, some of them were not interested,” she said."

This case revealed a few telling things abt public rental housing:

1. people r not open to each other due to their circumstances;

2. need someone to organise get-to-know-your-neighbours OFFICIALLY n regularly. Only through INITIAL FORCED CONTACTS can something happened between the neighbours! Hopefully the chemistry fit n they develop the friendship deeper on their own violation!;

3. i think there is this rule now where the HDB can get "forced entry" if something is deemed very wrong like: hoarder turning home into rubbish dump, "dead rotting smell", etc. that people can inform the authority to investigate any suspicious situation!

No easy solution. Yet, hopefully whenever someone volunteering in these neighbourhood CAN B more vigilant n "nosy" for the good!!??

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Daily Lessons from Life 17 September 2019 - World 2nd worst! Sgp!!??

A few very sickening news to read: a couple murdered 1 of their children n only discovered a few years later! N a father raping his 23-yr old daughter twice in one night with a penknife against her neck. She is now diagnosed with post-trauma syndrome.

All very tragic stories. Hope the dead RIP n the victim heals as fully as possible. While the culprits answered for their crimes!

"Singapore is 2nd-worst globally for workplace diversity; 1 in 4 workers bullied: Poll

SINGAPORE - Singapore is the second-worst performing country in terms of workplace diversity and inclusion (D&I) practices, based on a poll of employees in 14 developed countries by Kantar, a data, insights and consulting firm.

Meanwhile, Singtel is the only company from the city-state to make the global top 100 in a separate D&I index by Refinitiv.

Almost a quarter (24 per cent) of Singapore workers said they have been bullied in the workplace in the past year, which is among the highest levels in the world, according to Kantar's survey findings, which were released on Tuesday (Sept 17).

Singapore employees are also the most likely to be made to "feel uncomfortable" (32 per cent) by their employers, compared with those in other countries polled.

The inaugural Kantar Inclusion Index compares employee feedback on their D&I experiences. It interviewed 18,000 people in 14 countries, including 1,050 individuals in Singapore.

The index covers 24 industries, including health and pharmaceuticals; education; professional services such as legal and accountancy; retail, wholesale and e-commerce; financial services; and the public sector.

The findings also showed that many Singapore workers are struggling to deal with pressure, with 44 per cent reporting that they are affected by "stress and anxiety" at work, above the global average of 39 per cent."

This is revealing though many probably will challenge the validity since it is inconceivable that a "3rd world to 1st world in 2 generation" country can b so inadequate in treating its workers!!

Maybe the workers surveyed r just the oft mentioned "strawberry generation" where the slightest pressure applied will see them damaged beyond suitable for consumption state!? That they r no longer those "tough as steel nails n standing ramrod straight in the face of typhoon/storms/etc." lot?

Whatever one may choose to interpret this inaugural survey. The fact that Sgp ranked 2nd worst means someone needs to look at our culture of diversity n inclusion. Fr the pre-school education all the way to A-level, fr home education n gov education. Corporations will hv to do their own education too.

Only when all r made aware of the needs for diversity n inclusion, each of us may then begin to "do what is said n do repeatedly till it becomes a way of life!!"

Bullying cannot b condoned. It is a shame to society n guman race if bullying happened in the work n society that claimed to b a 1st World Nation!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Daily Lessons from Life 16 September 2019 - Yale-NUS Program?

"Yale University expresses concern over cancellation of Yale-NUS course on dissent

SINGAPORE - Yale University has expressed concern over the cancellation of a programme by Yale-NUS College that was meant to introduce students to various modes of dissent and organising resistance, adding that such an action might threaten the values of academic freedom and open inquiry.

In a statement early Sunday (Sept 15), Yale President Peter Salovey said he has asked Professor Pericles Lewis, Yale's Vice-President and Vice-Provost for Global Strategy, and the founding president of Yale-NUS, to conduct fact-finding to better understand the reasons for the decision.

In response, a Yale-NUS spokesman said that its president, Professor Tan Tai Yong, and Professor Salovey had communicated on the issue once the College made the decision to withdraw the course from this year's Learning Across Boundaries (LAB) programme.

Prof Tan Tai Yong had told The Straits Times for an earlier story that Yale-NUS found, after a review, that the course did not critically engage with the range of perspectives required for a proper academic examination of the issues around dissent. The proposed activities also did not align with the LAB's concept and learning objectives approved by the curriculum committee.

He noted that the activities and speakers proposed would have infringed on the university's commitment not to advance partisan political interests on its campus, and may have subjected students to the risk of breaking the law.

An online write-up of an early version of the programme that is no longer accessible had proposed activities that included film screenings and dialogues.

Some of these were a panel discussion with freelance journalist Kirsten Han, veteran journalist P.N. Balji and historian Thum Ping Tjin, and a demonstration of forum theatre techniques by drama company Drama Box.

Yale-NUS College was founded by Yale University and NUS in 2011."

Yale-NUS College was born fr a very difficult pregnancy! There were vehement discussions n debates on if a self-crowned "totally free academic institution" can possibly stay true to it's own high std of ethical n morally "correct behaviours in a social democratic regime or authoritarian Sgp"!

The optimists then, won. N Yale-NUS was delivered!

So far so good that it has avoided the controversy THIS EPISODE threw up!

Good to know it is a CCA type of program "designed" by a local playwright who is not a properly trained academian.

He may hv good intention to expose the young students to thinking differently. At the same time, given the situation in Hkg SAR, it is reasonable for the NUS authority to examine the contents n activities to eliminate any untoward materials.

The truly liberals will not accept anyway! So, just soldiers on! Live life like there is no tomorrow!