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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 14 August 2018 - Hkg SAR activist's Speech

HSR - Finally official words that Sgp n Msia officials r having official talks! All the hype n whatever really mean nothing except to satisfy bore nedia farce creators n watchers!

"Hong Kong independence activist attacks Beijing at press club talk

HONG KONG: Hong Kong independence activist Andy Chan attacked China as an empire trying to "annex" and "destroy" the city in a no-holds barred speech on Tuesday (Aug 14) at the city's press club which Beijing wanted cancelled.
Rival protesters gathered outside the venue and a small group of pro-independence activists clashed with police, saying they had been given no space for their rally, while dozens of pro-Beijing supporters chanted slogans including "gas the spies!"
"We are a nation that is quickly being annexed and destroyed by China," he said, in a lunch address entitled "Hong Kong Nationalism: A Politically Incorrect Guide to Hong Kong under Chinese Rule".
The Hong Kong office of China's foreign ministry, which had requested the club pull the talk, quickly hit back.
"If the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents' Club wouldn't invite racists, anti-semites, terrorists and Nazis to give speeches, why would the HKFCC, in Chinese territory, openly invite a leader of 'Hong Kong independence' to give speeches on 'Hong Kong independence'?" it said in a statement.
The ministry accused the FCC of taking a stance by providing a platform for the independence movement and "touching the most sensitive nerves of 1.4 billion Chinese including the seven million Hong Kong comrades".
The Hong Kong government said that while it backed freedom of speech and the press, allowing Chan to speak contravened the city's mini-constitution and was "totally inappropriate and unacceptable".
Hong Kong enjoys freedom of speech and assembly unseen on the mainland under a handover agreement between Britain and China."
A very interesting event that coukd hv been, n should hv been BANNED. Really. 
The fact that Chan actually got to speak at this HKFCC is one way of giving the "indpendentists" a rope to tighten round their own necks?
Not sure when Hkg was ever an independent "nation" as claimed by Chan. What is the substance to this claim?
Anyway, it is for the Hkg SAR n tne PRC people to decide if this independence for Hkg make sense.
The key learning is that when someone feels passionate n fervently convinced of one's cause, they can be totally irrational n comprehensible in their actions.
It is not abt the money. In fact, even if they hv money, they will b jailed if they don't hv good intel to FLEE their homes b4 the security forces come sweep them away!!
Maybe Sgp need more of such activists n politicians to galvanize the people to a new vision for Sgp? We sure can use the fervent passion to reimagine our next 53 yrs!!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 12-13 August 2018 - Benefits of diversification

"Empty shipyard and suicides as 'Hyundai Town' grapples with grim future

ULSAN, South Korea: When Lee Dong-hee came to Ulsan to work for Hyundai Heavy Industries five years ago, shipyards in the city known as Hyundai Town operated day and night and workers could make triple South Korea's annual average salary.
But the 52-year-old was laid off in January, joining some 27,000 workers and subcontractors who lost their jobs at Hyundai Heavy between 2015 and 2017 as ship orders plunged.
To support their family, Lee's wife took a minimum wage job at a Hyundai Motor supplier. His 20-year-old daughter, who entered a Hyundai Heavy-affiliated university hoping to land a job in Ulsan, is now looking for work elsewhere.
The Lee family's fortunes mirror the decline of Ulsan, which is now reeling from Chinese competition, rising labor costs and its over-reliance on Hyundai - one of the giant, family-run conglomerates or chaebol that dominate South Korea.
Generations of Hyundai workers like Lee powered South Korea's transformation from the ashes of the 1950-53 Korean War to an industrial and manufacturing powerhouse, making the southeastern port of Ulsan the country's richest city by 2007.
But some experts say the chaebols have now become complacent and risk averse, failing to keep pace with their overseas competitors."
This story should b familiar to the Yankee voters who voted for Donald Trump in the so-called "rust belt" where towns n even cities whose fortune had waned so much as industries once dominant in those places became uncompetitive or simply irrelevant! e.g. coals, steels, etc!
The pains r also familiar with the workers n biz owners in the oil n gas marine industries in Sgp in the last 2-3 yrs when oil prices plummet to under USD40 making oil explorations no longer economically viable n triggering refusal to take deliveries of completed oil rigs, related vessels n hosts of upstream n downstream services n goods. Many had to retrench n many could not pay interests for the debts taken to fund expansions just a few yrs back!!
For the Ulsan folks, they see recovery less likely. Same with the rust belt American folks. While the Sgp O&G marines folks, there is a ray if hope as oil price climbed up to USD70. Maybe it will last n give the breath of life to these "dying" biz n their workers, for the next 5-10 yrs?
If that is the case, there is a chance to engineer a planned change. To diversity into non-oil industries. e.g. solar, wind n other type of industries. Will all be "saved"? Maybe not. At least they know what r possible. 
Sgp as a nation has diversification plan. It has the reserves to fund the planned change. The citizens need to hv the same diversification mindset too n plan ahead for themselves besides relying on the government. 
When there is no resources, no one can help you really.
The happy problem is Sgp gov has a huge reserves n its people do hv expectations that help must b provided to them should they fall in bad time due to "structural change" n transition were not available!!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 11 August 2018 - More on minister's salary?

More comments on ESM Goh's responses to his comments abt the need to avoid the populist cut-the-minister-pay recommendation to fund the elderly who need help; n that anyone who cannot make 1m outside i.e. private sector CANNOT b good calibre enough to b a minister in Sgp!!

The good calibre people who make more than 1m WILL NOT be interested to serve as minister as we pay lower pay of 500k/yr as junior minister!!

Sufficient to say many ordinary Sgp citizens r not comprehending these points since quite a lot of them r mediocre earning less than 500k/yr! This despite ESM Goh's subsequent qualifications that he does not mean most Sgp people r mediocre!!

Anyway, my last take on this argument r:

1. earning more than 1m CANNOT b equate to "good calibre people for minister post" as running a country is very different fr running a company!;

2. fundamentally, any minister who serve MUST do so because s/he is interested to serve n not abt the money though at 500k/yr, one can live quite comfortably n much better than most Sgp citizens!;

3. private sector sets its pay well so that 80% of the time most of the people who r paid more r good calibre people? again, some sales people make a lot of money selling. Does it make them "good calibre" ministers? Can't b right?

4. we simply hv to nurture n develop a culture of "public services when u were good enough to be ministers" is the MOST honourable thing ever to do!

Hopefully, they can still live well with 500k/yr as a minister!!