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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 10-11 July 2018 - Thai cave rescue n Equality in Sgp education

1. Thai cave rescue

Obviously a monumental international effort exemplifying what can be achieved when global talents r united to solve a complex problem!

While we rejoiced at the safety of all the 12 boys n their 25 yrs old assistant coach, I could not help but to mourn for the death of the x-Thai Navy Seal diver delivering oxygen to them. Also the sad news that the father of the Aust doctor-diver dying while he was rescuing the Thai folks.

Some hard core rationalists questioned why did the assistant coach (did he lead them there?) n the boys went to the cave knowing that it may get flooded since they are locals n it is the rainy season?

None of these would be required or happened if they had stayed away from the cave!!

It is liked the people who created the problem becoming the heroes while sacrificing a life n the time of hundreds of rescuers from all over the world!!

Is this rationalists' view too harsh n romantic?

Whatever one may think, it is good that no more death occurred!

2. Equality in Sgp education?

Many MPs n NMPs spoke on this educational inequality issue n how to overcome or minimise it.

The Minister of Education (MoE) shared the guiding principle: Lift the bottom n not cap the top!!

He said: "“Meritocracy, arising from a belief in fairness, seems to have paradoxically resulted in systemic unfairness,” he said.

As for inequality, Mr Ong explained that as more poor families are successfully uplifted, those that remain poor face more difficult challenges, which are translated to their children’s performances in school.

“So the more we uplift poor families, the greater the achievement gap between the rich and poor.”"

It is true to close the 1st 90% of any gap is always easier than to close the final 20% or 10% or 5% or 1%.

The benefits vs. costs may also be disproportionate to the point of costs far outweighing the benefits! At this point, no extra effort should be invested n let the status quo be as it is!

So, what is the target of the MoE Minister for Sgp?

Is banning tuition capping the top IF MoE pedagogy is the BEST? It cannot be. Right?

Why do we need tuition if MoE schools r the standard to be benchmarked against?

MoE CAN HV enrichment classes for the exceptional students regardless of their social m financial backgrounds! Be it in acting, dancing, sports, arts, etc. 

If the current system persisted, it is again the families with the financial means, or worst those that had to struggle to getthe money, to put or "forced" their not so exceptional kids to "enrichment" classes!!

Think abt it Minister Ong!!

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