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Friday, July 13, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 12 July 2018 - China Ambassador responds to x-Sgp diplomat

"China does not manipulate other countries: Chinese ambassador responds to remarks from former Singapore diplomat Bilahari Kausikan

SINGAPORE: China’s ambassador to Singapore Hong Xiaoyong has responded to a speech by Singapore’s retired diplomat Bilahari Kausikan on what he calls its “influence operations”, saying his conclusions “cannot be fair and right”. 
The Straits Times reported that in his keynote speech during the forum on Chinese Public Diplomacy in East Asia and the Pacific on Jun 27, Mr Kausikan said Singaporeans must be aware of China’s covert “influence operations”.
The ambassador added: "Mr Kausikan condemned China for presenting false choices and forcing other countries to choose between them. But, in fact, it is his speech that is misleading others into misunderstanding China."
“Distorting the image of China, a key player in the international community, not only causes harm to China but also impairs the friendship and cooperation among countries. That is a scenario nobody would like to see,” he said."
I like to thank the Chinese ambassador for responding to this x-Sgp diplomat's comments that were totally unhelpful for Sgp!
He has also been quite gentle considering that this x-Sgp diplomat had insinuated that China is really bad n evil n "bullying" other nations. 
Let's see how long the gov will allow this x-Sgp diplomat to continue to create enemies for Sgp when he really ha8s no biz to speak on these issue.
Ok. Ok. He was still a contractor to MFA then. Maybe once he is out of contract, the press can just called him as: someone who had worked in MFA n not an x-diplomat of Sgp as that would paint the wrong picture that he still has influence in MFA. He doesn't! Right?
Watch this space as Sgp moves ahead in a VUCA environment!!

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