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Friday, June 1, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 31 May 2018 - One more on fighting inequality

Blinked n 5/12 of 2018 is gone!! Welcome to June where the eagerly awaited Trump-Kim Summit will take place. Peace to the Korean Peninsula n the world!!

"Efforts to tackle widening class divide must continue, says Ong Ye Kung

SINGAPORE: Technology can help level the playing field for students, said Minister for Education Ong Ye Kung on Thursday (May 31), even as he stressed that more can be done to reduce the widening class divide in Singapore.
With the new online portal Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) completely rolled out to all schools, from primary to junior college level, Mr Ong said that students are able to access the resources that the Ministry of Education (MOE) has built up.
The use of technology aside, he said that efforts to tackle the widening social stratification in Singapore must continue - an issue he had touched on in Parliament earlier this month. 
“It is unfinished business. We have done so much to bring about a more equal and socially mobile society,” he said.
“Our situation is very different from many developed countries. We read (about) many developed countries’ problems, which is stagnation, underclass and the inability to move up.
In our case, a great majority has been moving up. But that in itself created some problems, and I think we need to zoom in on those problems.”"
Hmm. Most interesting that he saud: "A great majority has been moving up but that in itself created some problems"??
Maybe he needs to explain these a bit clearer?
Philosophically, in every society there will be different type of people in different careers or industries, hopefully doing what they like n do best - working or running businesses. 
If u must rank them by some criteria, u will find some ranked higher than others n some will rank the lowest even though they may be already at a very comfortable level!
Does this "gap" create problems? I hope not. If it does, maybe the expectations of these "lowest of the best or better" folks r unrealistic n delusional!!
Everyone must recognize that if u must rank people by some arbitrary criteria, the will be a No. 1 n the last one!!
Coming to terms n accepting it is aOK by society is critical knowing the last here is already best or better in many other countries!! 
Stop being the Dog that keep chasing it's tail going round n round n round faster n faster!!

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