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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 01 June 2018 - Children's Day!

Today is Children's Day. The 1st of June. And I still remembered I was just talking abt 1st of May like yesterday! How time flies!!

Just watched some clips fr C3A Positive Aging Seminar n listened to Mr Jack Sim, famous for being the World Toilets Association of Sgp (WTAS)founder! His very Singapore style English n Singlish speech was spontaneous n earnest. Very easy to follow n amazed at what he had achieved! Awards m accolades fr the rich n famous n the politically powerful! Fr the President n PM of many countries to the Queen of England. He even got UN to endorse a UN Toilets Day on the founding day of WTAS!!

He self-deprecately described how he was an "outstanding" student when in primary school as the teachers made him "stand outside tje classroom" for talking too much n disrupting the class!! Yet, in his 50s, after he became famous, he got a master degree with LKY Schoo of Public Policy n was offered an Adjunct Associate Professor post after graduating!

He nonchalantly described all these achievements in the speexh n without any pretension. Great life model.

Of course it is never as easy as he put it. There must be time when he was ridiculed abt, of all things, championing for the lowly toilet!!, n caused his stress n indignation, n maybe his closest family n friends might hv tried to talk him out of it.  Yet, it is his singlemindedness that prevails n brought him all these sweet harvests!!

His story for aging positively may be, my own take:

1. dream wildly n b prepared to suffer derision n ridicule steadfastly;

2. just do it as waiting for someone to do it may never come!;

3. pick something meaningful that other equally positive people will agree, b them living at the other ends of the world, n join u!;

4. use humour to spice up your work. Energy + Fun = U can do more if u hv energy n doing fun things generate energy that lead u to do more in the limited 24hrs day! Getting more people inspired n do what u do means more get done!!;

5. Finally, if u r married, your spoue n kids r tje most important pillars of supports. Getting this support will put u at ease n focus on doing good!

Interesting clip indeed. A remarkable achievement for sure.

Will I try now to do good in a bigger scale than just passively volunteering? A question to ponder seriously.


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