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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 12 June 2018 - Trump-Kim Summit!!

Well it is done! Pretty well done too from Trump's perspectives - "I m here to do a deal n I got it! Now Kim has to do what he had committed before I lift the trade sanctions!"

While Trump's detractors said he gave up too many concessions like: suspend the US-South Korea military exercise; no fixed verifiable n irreversible denuke details; promising Kim that his regime will stay; etc.

As for Kim, there was no word on how he feel about the summit. Some said he should be pretty please!

For me, it is just lovely to see Hollywood in action with the "What future Kim wants at this one moment?" video clip! Maybe it appeals to the young Kim who is known to like western entertainment!? Maybe it will spurt Kim to emotionally want to create that rosey future depicted in that clip!

For China, it seems please enough to say it wantsa denuke Korean Peninsula. It also participated via the Air China plane that brought Kim to Sgp!!

As for we, Sgp, the Host, a S$20m bill to pay for this summit. Probably chicken feed given our national reserves of trillion! Though some voters r not so sure if the benefits were as great as depicted by PM Lee n the government!! Some voters even said the government would never give S$20m to help Sgp citizens in needs so easily!!

Whatever. It is done. Will it influence the voters if there is a GE tomorrow significantly? I doubt so. There r bigger issues for Sgp government to tackle. e.g. the 99-yr HDB flat value, the frigid new Dr M's Msian government, the "we r here to serve tea n coffee Foreign Minister"; etc!

Ps: the good news was, i think, the MRT didn't breakdowns in the last few days. Yes?

Bye bye Trump n Kim. More concrete evidences of the DEAL is real will be required after all the rah rah!!

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