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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 11 June 2018 - Cannabis medicines

Yes, Trump-Kim Summit will happen soon at 9am 12 June 2018. Some comics artist(s) has/have them greeting each other with: Dotard n Rocket-Man!!

May it go well!

"Mother's stand-off with British authorities over medicinal cannabis stirs debate

The mother of an epileptic boy who journeyed to Canada to buy cannabis-based medication she says is keeping her son alive had her supplies confiscated by British customs officials upon her return on Monday.

Under British law, cannabis is listed as a schedule 1 drug, meaning that it is not recognized as having a therapeutic value. Schedule 1 drugs can be used for research purposes and clinical trials, but only under a Home Office license."

Who is right? Who knows as even in one country with different states or provinces that hv some self-governance power like the USA or Canada, medicinal cannabis is treated differently!

For the policies makers, do they make an exception for a known n medically confirmed case or can the medical professionals come up with a legal treatment that will keep this son alive for the mother who is convinced her son will die if this medicinal cannabis is not provided to him?

Easier for this to happen vs. having to open the "justification gate on 1-to-1 exception" if exception is made!! Not an issue if the government has the resources to perform standard n effective 1-to-1 screening cheaply, efficiently n effectively!!

I wonder what would happen if this same dilemma is presented in Sgp? 

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