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Monday, June 11, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 09-10 June 2018 - Trump-Kim n Lesson fr brain drain of Hkg n Twn?

1. Kim landed 1st followed by Trump. Kim met PM Lee 4 hours later. Trump probably tomorrow since he arrived after 8pm.

Looks like they r ready to meet n get down to work seriously with each other on issues that can make or break the lasting peace of North Rast Asia, the region, n the world.

Hope it goes well!!

2. "Commentary: Behind the brain drain in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, stymied aspirations and growing rootlessness

SINGAPORE: If you think brain drain is a problem that afflicts only developing or less developed countries, think again.

The phenomenon, which refers to the large-scale emigration of educated and high-skilled individuals from their birth country, also exists in OECD countries such as Spain, Ireland and Italy.
Neither are Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore – prosperous economies with a GDP per capita of US$46,228, US$24,337 and US$57,722 respectively in 2017 – immune from brain drain.
In particular, a high percentage of youths in these economies plan to seek greener pastures overseas, albeit for varying reasons.
A 2016 survey conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) found that 57 per cent of young Hong Kong people aged 18 to 30 had the intention to emigrate, while another survey in Taiwan revealed that 62 per cent of Taiwanese between the age of 20 to 35 planned to seek employment abroad.
Here at home, 42 per cent of young Singaporeans polled by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) in 2010 said that emigration was often on their minds, and 26 per cent were also actively exploring avenues to emigrate."
Why would the young people want to immigrate from Sgp to other countries?
Purely for economics reason? If true, we need to tightened the push to create a pull from issues that r relating to or ABOVE $$!! 
e.g. altruism; respect for work that must be done!; lack of freedom of speech; etc.
Despite the best efforts to undetstand non-monetary motivation, we can appreciate that before the non-$$ incentives r resolved, they will always be focused on resolving the $$ issue!!
Could people honestly look beyond  $$ for job satisfaction!!

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