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Friday, May 18, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 17 May 2018 - NSF dying in trainings

"Training death of 3SG Gavin Chan: No negligence or misconduct, but SAF training rules reviewed

SINGAPORE: More details have come to light about the death of 3rd Sergeant (3SG) Gavin Chan last September during training in Australia. The details were revealed by Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen in his ministerial statement on Thursday (May 17) regarding National Service (NS) training deaths.

Based on scene evidence and witness information they gathered, the Bionix’s path forward was halted due to an obstruction and 3SG Chan, who was the vehicle commander, gave orders for the driver to reverse slowly down the hill. At that point, he was stationed in the turret with his upper body “clear of the vehicle structure” giving instructions to the driver on where to reverse.

There were some safety lapses identified by the COI though, Dr Ng pointed out.
For one, the night vision device (NVD) on 3SG Chan’s vehicle was not working. 3SG Chan decided to continue driving without headlights, even though night driving should be done with the driver's hatch open and headlights switched on. According to the driver, 3SG Chan said “it would give away their position to the enemy”, the minister added."
RIP to the young NSF man.

Q. could the malfunctioning NVD result in the vehicle commander doing what he had done? i.e. standing up to SEE fr his position?

Q. did he get strict order "not to exposed his position" by his officers n training controllers to keep hatch open n headlights switched on?

Thank you.

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