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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 16 Msy 2018 - Inequality in Sgp?

Another NSF death n now AGC looking into it for possible criminal charges!! Now it will get all armed forces n SCDF n SPF officers n trainers attention! That your camp n regimented organization can no longer say: We will discipline the offenders! GOOD MOVE! Q. why does it take another NSF man's death to trigger this move??

"SINGAPORE: How does one know if Singapore’s system of meritocracy is working?
In his speech during the debate on the President’s address on Wednesday (May 16), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said there are four indicators: When every child has a good start in life, regardless of which family they are born in; when every talent is recognised and developed to the fullest; when every opportunity is open to anyone with the right attitude and ability; and when a capable person faces minimal social impediments to be accepted, to contribute and to lead in society.
However, the last part is the most difficult to sustain in the long term, Mr Lee added.
“We want Singapore society to maintain an informal and egalitarian tone, where people interact freely and comfortably as equals and there are no rigid class distinctions or barriers that keep good people down,” he said.   
This, however, is beyond the Government’s ability to bring about alone; society has to be open and permeable, the prime minister pointed out.
Society should also be aware of markers that can signal and entrench class differences, such as language and lifestyle choices, he added."
Do we hv an inequality issue? We hv been, ir supposedly been, practising meritocracy all these years. How come we still hv inequality? Maybe it is becoz those have-not r just lazy n pathetic in their characters n ambition? Or maybe they r just born less intelligent?!!
Or maybe those who used to be have-not after making GOOD not longer want to be reminded they used to be not so good, not so rich n not so whatever? Maybe they want to perpetuate this STATUS QUO so that they can ALWAYS b on top?
Whatever it may be. Just looking at how PAP is selecting their candidates for office, it is hard to see the diversity PM Lee mentioned as important to prevent too many "elites" forming group think n wanting to protect their turfs. Though to b fair there r some PAP ministers who came fr neighbourhood schools. Some will point out they then attended elite universities though!!
Hv fun equalising!! 

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