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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 15 May 2018 - Wht suicide bombers?

"Indonesian children who joined suicide attacks kept isolated by parents

SURABAYA, Indonesia: The parents of Indonesian children and young adults who took part in deadly suicide bombings in Surabaya had isolated them within a tightly knit circle of militants, police said on Tuesday (May 15) .
A family of six killed at least 13 people, including themselves, by bombing three churches in Surabaya on Sunday in the worst militant attack in the world's biggest Muslim-majority country since the bombing of restaurants in Bali in 2005.
On Monday, another militant family of five riding two motorbikes blew themselves up at a police checkpoint in the city, wounding 10 people and killing four of the family and two others. An eight-year-old daughter survived.
"These children have been indoctrinated by their parents. It seems they did not interact much with others," East Java Police Chief Machfud Arifin told reporters.
The eight-year-old daughter who survived did not have explosives strapped to her, but was thrown three metres into the air by the blast and was receiving intensive care in hospital, police said.
"She’s conscious. She will be accompanied by relatives and social workers when questioned by police," said Arifin."
What could hv triggered the parents to do such an unthinkable act of blowing themselves up with their young children while killing innocent people too?
Parents who hv lost their minds or parents who believed they hv brought their kids n themselves to their "God's" promised land living forever in his grace n glory??
Of course non-religious person will rubbish this as nonsense n totally illogical while for tje believers it is definitly the truth n nothing but the truth!
This is the challenge!! No rewards n awards offered by Men can match that offered by "God". Hence if anyone is a deep devoted fanatical religious zealots (or just the faithful ones), killing m dying is just a ticket to heaven!! What more can one asks??
Is there a way to talk sense to such believers? Very hard. If one cam spare the time, efforts n money, go try. If not, better to terminate them!!
Will the humanists protest? Amnesty Internationals? Etc. If they do, would u act differently? Offer mercy when the other side is clearly hostile despite your Nth efforts?

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