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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 14 May 2018 - EP Speech debates

"Social divide, inequality take centre stage in MPs' response to President's Address

SINGAPORE: Social divide and inequality in Singapore were a big focus among People's Action Party backbenchers as they debated the President’s Address in Parliament on Monday (May 14). 
The MPs suggested several ideas to target inequality, which President Halimah Yacob last week said will be tackled during this term of Parliament.
The MPs suggested several ways of bridging the divide, through the education system and housing and social policies, for instance."
No new input n ideas really on bridging the widening inequality gap!
Initial meritocracy has bred an elite class. Education become unequal as the have hv more resources to "invest" in their kids to get to "good" schools, tuitions, etc.
Hence the government's preschool push since 2016 NDR Speech!
HDB flat is a depreciating asset which i commented in is NOT going to change unless the government is prepared to give every citizen a place to stay as long as they live FREE! Or state sponsored!!
One of the best way to re-distribute OLD WEALTH is to hv estate duty. That was abolished before Mrs Lee's death n supposedly to attract billionaires to Sgp who create invest n create jobs n wealth for Sgp citizens!!
So, lots of talk. Nothing very radical. Putting estate duty back may be one!! Anyone want this? 

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