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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 18 May 2018 - Why do i watch ONE Championships?

Accidentally switched channel n watched ONE Championships Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) live fr Sgp Indoors Stadium.

It was a sold out full house situation! Not sure why would i b watching grown up n young 19 years old besting each other up for "entertainment" or as a sports event!!

Obviously these fighters put in a lot of efforts n truly deserving of my respect. Still i m not sure why this is entertainment! ONE Championship is based in Sgp n already is a multi-million regional/global business! A breakthrough of sort if u like for a Sgp based biz to be a global brand!!

Anyway, adopted Sgp champion Angela Lee eon her defending champion bout while her younger brother Christian Lee lost his championship challenge bout. Honour split in the family.

Maybe next time i will watch the news...

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