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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 11 May 2018 - How to rid of systemic corruptions n uproot the culture?

"Malaysia govt to probe Attorney-General, Election Commission, anti-graft body for corruption: Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Friday (May 11) announced that the government will carry out investigations on the Attorney-General, the Election Commission (EC) as well as the country's anti-graft body for corruption. 
Promising to reduce corruption in Malaysia to a "very minimum level", the 92-year-old said the government's intention is to "go for people who have shown a tendency to be corrupt or who had committed known corruption". 
Dr Mahathir, who was sworn in as prime minister the night before, said the new government was aware that it was impossible to completely eradicate corrupt practices in the country. 
“For example, the election should have been free and clean but we find that this election was not clean at all. People were being bought. 
“The country’s constituencies' boundaries were changed, all these things are worse than gerrymandering. It is really to favour the (previous) government,” he said at a press conference. 
The government will also study the redelineation exercise carried out by the previous administration, he added."
A new dawn n a new beginning of hard sustained work to get rid of deep rooted systemic corruption journy had just started!
Corruption is like a cancerous growth that will destroy n kill the country if it is not eliminated early!
The good thing is it is not a cancer where no one really knows why the cell mutates into cancerous cell. The root of corruption is natural greed of human plus administrative processes where intermediaries can interfere arbitrarily!
So, digitisation of these processes that cut out the intermediaries as well as providing transpatent clear trail of how each decision is made will reduce the chance for corruptions!
Of course the most powerful deterrence is the determination n conviction of the top leaders wanting a clean, efficient n effective system! 
May this revolution that has every decent human being cheering n clamouring for ages be a resounding success!
May such resources salvaged be use for many worthy nation building n people caring projects all over Msia!
Let her b a shining example of do the right things right!

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