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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 12 May 2018 - Elderly Living

1. Dr M ordered Najib n wife from leaving Msia n announced 3 senior ministers n appointed a 5-Wise-Elders Council on day 2 after his inauguration as the 7th PM of Msia. A few wise moves. Najib's fate reminds one of the saying: What goes around comes around. Karma if u believes in that.

Lets c where it goes from here!!

2. "Elderly-friendly ‘vertical kampung’ with housing, healthcare facilities opens in Woodlands

SINGAPORE: Singapore's first public integrated development to be extensively designed with elderly-friendly features was officially opened by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Saturday (May 12).
The 11-storey Kampung Admiralty, located next to Admiralty MRT station, houses about 100 flats for seniors, along with healthcare, wellness and commercial facilities like a supermarket and hawker centre, all under one roof. 
The pilot project, which was conceptualised by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) more than four years ago, aims to encourage active living among seniors, as well as inter-generational bonding.
There are also childcare centres within the development.
Mr Lee said HDB had come up with the idea against the backdrop of an ageing population. 
"We wanted people to lead active and meaningful lives. And HDB looked for new ideas to develop new designs that would fit an elderly population - to build flats, common areas, and neighbourhoods to promote strong social support and community bonding, and to let people in their silver years stay socially engaged, and live safely, healthily and happily," he said."
From the report, this is a very good initiative for sure!!
The kampung spirit is sorely lacking for sure in modern urbanized Sgp where neighbours may not know each other even when tbey had stayed together for years!! 
The 7-agency collaboration n the intergenerational elements r definitely very innovative to keep the elders active n the young ones a chance to interact with the elders. An approach i saw on the TV adopted or pioneered by the Japanese!!
The idea of a skyrise plant garden at the rooftop is brilliant if there r some keen modern farmers fr among the residents.
Hopefully the hawkers centre n supermarket runs by NTUC will be sustainable! 
The 2-level medical centre is another plus for the young n old residents providing huge conveniences! Again, hopefully it is sustainable. 
Indeed as declared by PM Lee: A small project with bold ambition. I wish it all the successes so that it can be replicated in more communities.
Things to learn more r: price, lease period, qualifications, etc.

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