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Friday, May 11, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 10 May 2018 - A new dawn for Msia

1st of all, congratulations to Sgp being picked as the place where POTUS (President of USA) n North Korea leader Kim will meet on 12 June 2018!! We r still relevant!!

2nd, a heave of relief that Dr M n his coalition partners hv triumphed over the ruling BN government against many obstacles being thrown their ways with all sorts of non-traditional, unqestionable, or even underhanded n unethical, tactics to discourage n block legitimate candidates fr PH fr contesting; n voters fr voting!!

Not discounting the perceived or real last minutes renegade of the results by the losing PM using national security laws to arrest the winners fr PH n void the GE14 2018 results!

In the end, democracy wins! The will of the people to just step away fr the cesspool of corruptions n clean up prevails! This gives hope to the future generation of voters that they can defeat seemingl insurmountable odds n systemic corruptions when the corrupts take the voters for granted! Blatant corruptin will pay a price for it! Not if it will pay back but when!

May future government remembers this epic historical moment!!

We hv witnessed many new development in politics these few years. The opportunity for Dr M n his allies to cement their reputation as an open, fair, just, competent n committed government that exemplified integrity, no orruption, justice n opportunities for all!!

May Dr M be gentle with Sgp. A few agreements had been resolved during Najib's term hopefully will get the blessing of this new government.

Sgp wants a stable, peaceful Msia as our neighbours. Only then can both focus on generating mutuallt beneficial working relationship!!

Majulah Malaysia!! 

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