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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 07 May 2018 - EP Address or 4th Gen?

"Singapore leaders must not be ‘content to tweak things at the margins’: Halimah Yacob

In her speech to open the second session of the 13th Parliament, Mdm Halimah noted that the fourth generation leadership team is taking shape and the new leaders are conscious that Singapore is at an advanced stage of development.
“We may feel that we have more to lose now. We may be tempted not to go for bold changes, but instead be content to tweak things at the margins,” the president said. “That would be the wrong approach."
“Singapore has a lot going for it. It is a vibrant global node in the heart of a thriving Asia; a multi-cultural society with people from diverse backgrounds living harmoniously side by side. We need to keep alive the spirit of our pioneers and be constantly driven to do better, with each generation surpassing the previous,” she added.
She highlighted significant developments in the country’s external and domestic environments that must be understood and dealt with."

I m a bit confused if this is EP Halimah's speech or she is reading or articulating the Vision crafted by touted 4th Gen political leadership team?
Which bits r her ideas n which bits r the 4th Gen? or if she has any at all?

Anyway, as it is only half-way through this parliament since GE2015, the many key points raised were covered by PM Lee's NDR Speeches of 2016 n 2015 like: relocation of the containers port to Tuas fr Keppel; relocation of Paya Lebar airbase to Changi; etc.

The fundamental national strategic issues hv not changed much as Sgp's ultimate goal of surviving as an independent nation in this great VUCA world has not changed!

That means: 1. keep a good relatiobship with China n USA n other evonomic powers; 2. careful mgt of the trillions of national reserves that will bring in billions of annual surpluses; 3. ensuring the harmonious multiracial, multireligious n multilingual society is safe n secure! (including blending of old n new citizens); 4. engaging with Sgp citizens who believe the government will look out for them if they work hard n truly bad luck that they fall on very hard time; 5. the aged know for sure the state will take careof them n not burden their kids who might not be able to fend for themselves!; 6. b able to create enough jobs for able n willing young n old Sgp citizens to earn a living wages via FDI or thriving local MNCs or SMEs; n 7. find a way to harness diversity of ideas n solutions to keep Sgp ahead of others n out of troubles.

Plenty to do always leading this Tiny Little Red Dot.

Let the work begins... 4th Gen??

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