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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 06 May 2018 - Dark side of Tech Cimpanies!!??

Watched a CNA Documentary on "Dark side (or dark secrets) of Silicon Valley" n learned that some tecnologies may not be as beneficial to tbe world as they were made up to be!!

Examples examined n presented in the clip included:

1. Uber in India got 3 Uber drivers committing suicides after they were misled to take up loans to buy car to become Uber drivers! It seems that they were misled about the earning potentials n the sudden striping of incentives (market share buying really) resulting in inability to service the loans! Leading to the 3 committing suicides! Never heard of this before! Uber India said it is cooperating with any police investigations!

Is Uber at fault? Or poor drivers unable to understand risks n rewards of a pure capitalist system?

Fact is: the dead drivers all hv young kids n wives that survivex them. They became poorer!!

2. AirBnB in Barcelona faced protests by people who said limited housing stocks were reserved for tourists n local could not afford the rising rents! The Barcelona protesters claimed that Venice is totally void of local due to AirBnB!

They claimed the "sharing of spare rooms or home of local houses" is a lie. Some AirBnB hosts r professional landlords n not just renting out spare home or rooms!!

Q. r these disruptive tecnologies good for people as claimed?

My take, at least on these 2 examples are:

1. "the shared economy" principle upon which Uber n AirBnB were founded no longer exist as many buy cars n investment properties to run like a car rental or taxi/limo services n "hotel without licenses"!!;

2. in the process, some collateral damages r unavoidable. People just hv to be careful n aware!

In some jurisdictions, Uber n AirBnB r still illegal.

In Sgp, Temasek invested in Uber n Grab, let's c how it goes.

In Sgp, the authority is thinking of letting AirBnB type very short term rental to happen. I think it is a bad idea. Let's c how that goes too!!

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