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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 08 May 2018 - What's going on?

A few notables:

1. Msia GE14 on 09 May 2018

I hate this description as "Mother" gives life n should never hv been used as in: "The Mother of All Msia General Election". A "Do or die" effort by Msia incumbent PM Najib n his BN political partners.

I wish the country well n that the voters will get tje government they deserved peacefully n fairly!

2. Indonesian domestic help performance bond of Sgd6k imposed by the Indonesian Embassy

Not sure if this had been discussed for a while or just came out of the blue with MoM totally blindsided?

The Philippines supposed had a Sgd7k bond imposed a year or two ago already. Wonder what was the impact n how does it work in reality since?

Hopefully cordiality n mutual trust r in tact n the 2 sides can work the kinks out amiable. Telling the Indonesian that the bond imposed is unneccessary when they were the one that brought it up may be seen as not listening well!

Could hv save the: "this is unneccessary after understanding why this measure was raise n how does it help the domestic help situation?

3. Vietnam asked China to remove military equipment fr the South China Sea ("SCS") area.

This request will be watched closely as China has been building its military presence in those islands n will not give up so easily.

Let's watch this space. China will b focused on the Korea Peninsula issue n BRI projects to want to upset Vietnam n rest of Asean for now!!

We live in intetesting world for sure!!

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