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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 17 April 2018 - MP attacked n Ops Coldstore!!

1. PAP MP attaced by a resident at the Meet-the-People session

An unfortunate situation. The motive unclear at this stage n the MP said the safety of his rrsudents n his volunteers were tje greatest concerns of his at that moment. The MP suffered bruises n stretches n is ok.

Hopefully this will not deter good people from joining the political arena n also not requiring overly protective arrangement for our MPs.

It had happened before n were really rare. So panick not.

The MP n his colleages in that GRC said the attaxker will get help after the due process of police investigation is completed.

Whatever the real issues that triggered the violent behaviours, which cannot be condoned, hope the young man will get help after paying his due!

2. X Ops Coldstore detainee states his case that the ops was politically motivated instead of as claimed by Minister Shanmugam, Minister Desmond Lee n etc.

Important to note the x detainee is merely expressing his personal take n should not be viewed as spreading falsehoods. Ya?

In an argument, it is normally the power that be win.  This is especially in a non democratic society. Sgp is social democratic n not too bad as our government do allow expression of opinion as long as it does not involve race, language n religion! Plus not calling out government to be creating fake news!!

Has the 6hrs spent by the minusters in the Select Committee on online falsehoods succeedd in clearing the issue as intended?

The verdict fr me is: far from it!!

Maybe the power that be want to reflect on it n find a better way to explain n connect with tje people they wanted to convince?

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