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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 16 April 2018 - Caltex petro pump incident?

"Caltex petrol station incident a 'miscommunication', say police; BMW driver files police report

SINGAPORE: The incident at a Caltex petrol station involving a BMW driver and an elderly pump attendant was "a case of miscommunication", said the police on Monday (Apr 16). 
They added that the driver had been due to trade in his car on Saturday, and had not required more fuel than necessary. 
"We have looked into the matter and established that no offence was disclosed," said the police in response to Channel NewsAsia's queries. 
"It was a case of miscommunication between the pump attendant and the vehicle owner on the amount of petrol to be pumped. We have verified that the vehicle owner was due to trade in his vehicle on the same day and would not require more than necessary fuel.
"Both parties have been advised to settle the matter amicably.”  
The BMW driver has filed a police report, however, worried for his safety after netizens identified him and posted his personal details online."

An interesting incident where a good-intention reader posted what seems like "bullying of a poor elderly attendant who supposedly calmly offered to pay the excess petrol by a supposedly rich guy driving a branded BMW car!"

Now, with more details, maybe we can conclude better as to what exactly transpired! e.g. miscommunication of "top up" with "top up S$10" instead of "top it up for S$10!"ý

This incident shows that some social media users r truly very vigilante n in seconds can  spread the video n their one-sided conclusion to hundreds of followers or total strangers!

The BMW guy in this case filed a police report as he fears for his own safety n security fr strangers! This shows bad consequence may come from good intention n execution!!

Is this mob mentally that scare me most. A mistaken on line circle of "True" or "False" can reaffirm a wrong initial conclusion. By the time the truth is revealed, the wrongly accused would hv been isolated n suffered for being right!!

Bless the BMW driver n tne elderly petro pump assistant!

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