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Monday, April 16, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 15 April 2018 - "Make sure u fail!?" n 2nd Arms Race in Education?

"Make sure you fail: On the Record with NTU Provost Ling San"


"Commentary: A second education arms race may be on the horizon
Job seekers are increasingly expected to possess not just a degree but internships, leadership roles, community projects, overseas experience and other credentials. Recruiters and job seekers alike can do something to prevent a vicious circle, says one observer."

I m not sure if NTU Provost Ling San was serious or that he was misunderstood when he said this: "Make sure you fail", even with his clarification that he really meant: "Get out of your comfort zone n take a subject that you think you might not do well or even fail"!!

For me, even in the latter description, you go in with tne mindset that: "I will try to make it work n if it didnt, it won't b for want if trying!" as NO ONE should go into anytging to ensure one will fail!!

My take on the 2nd arms race in education story are:
a. employers will continue to use branded universities for 1st round selection of fresh graduates as it is more efficient n effective. They will then look for meaningful CCAs, excellent internship or attachment performances, etc. by and large. Private uni qualification will get the 2nd look if needed!;

b. if one is into a 2nd job, it will b wise to forget about even work for an employer that still ask for your educarional backgrounds as they should just focused on "what hv u done n what were the results"!! Such employes r so unenlightened that they dont deserve u!!;

c. in the case of jobs more than applicants, any bodies will do!! In the case of applicants more than jobs, branded universities will hv advantages! It is not fair. We know! Yet, that is how it is in reality!

For specialsed fields, maybe a pure test or application of required skills.

All the best to the private uni graduates! It is a tough world out there!!

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