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Friday, March 16, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 15 March 2018 - Fake News Select Committee and More PMD Injuries!!

1. The Select Committee on Falsehood is going on now.

So, far what I heard are:

a. if there is no trust between the government and the people, nothing works as the 'clarification' by the government will not be believed! Especially when the 'official mainstream media' is perceived to be just an extension of the government's propaganda department!!

In this regard, the ruling PAP government has to consider HOW their sometimes pursuit of certain opposition MPs and 'issues' are perceived by the public - TRULY deserving or just plain ugly 'bullying'!!

b. if there are no disharmony and distrust between the 'targeted people re: race, language, religion, social class, political persuasion, 'special causes', etc.', falsehood/disinformation/etc. CANNOT hurt. This is a lot more difficult to achieve as it may be 'too idealistic' since diversity of opinions is natural!

The hard and unwavering stand against ANY disrespectful comments on any of these topics mentioned above MUST be maintained. The liberals' idea of 'freedom of speech' is invalid here. 'Responsible freedom of speech' is what we want. I define it as: 'Speak all your what about the goodness of whatever cause you espoused and embraced. At the same time, NEVER speak disrespectfully of others' cause as THAT is NONE of YOUR BUSINESS!'.

c. news - bad or good, real or fake - spreads at lightning speed! For those 'offending remarks', they must be taken down. At the same time, for ANYONE who received such news, THEY MUST exercise self-control to NOT spread it! Of course, some fake news are NOT disrespectful but more creating 'confusion and leading one to make the wrong decision' e.g. voting for one or the other politicians. This ONE will depend on the INDIVIDUAL's level of intelligence, discipline and CORE BELIEFs. Do I pass on something disrespectful? do I pass on something I have not verified or unable to verify going to at least 2-3 'credible sources'?

Much has been mentioned about 'educating the public'. Yet, if SOMEONE has the wrong values, no education can change that IF s/he is uninterested to change.

More debates to come in this Select Committee submission. Let's see what NEW angles can be unearthed!

2. A 23-year old Personal Mobile Device (PMD) rider injured a 45-year old woman who suffered head injury and slipped in and then out of a coma!

How many MORE injuries, or even, touch wood, death, mu happen BEFORE the AUTHORITY realise that allowing PMD to the public without RESTRICTION is a fatally flawed decision?

For me, the key considerations are:

1. users - BE VERY CLEAR about who are they? They are the 'physically weak and/or elderly folks' who need to move around easier at a slow and safe pace! They move about within a small radius space. A max speed of 8km/hr., that of a slow jogger/walker's pace, is ALL THEY NEED!!

There is NO NEED for speed anything above 8km/hr. NO! ABSOLUTELY NO such need!

Hence, all young people - for leisure or going to the office or the nearby bus stop or MRT station - you just use the manual PMD. NO motorised PMD is allowed for them. WHY? Because they DON'T need it! Manual PMD is good enough to help them achieve the goal of getting to their place of commute or office!!

2. seller/modification service providers of motorised PMDs

You are engaged in ILLEGAL business activities IF you modified the speed of such devices. There WILL be consequences. Serious one too.

The fitting PUNISHMENT should be caning and jail for a day (since we don't really want more prisons to be built for such crime).

If you have to make a living through selling and modifying these PMDs, you are in the WRONG TRADE!

You just have to CHANGE. Can't be that bad since PDM is only a recent phenomenon and you can surely leave this diminishing industry. It is natural! NO?

If we FIX these 2 FUNDAMENTAL PREMISES of 'use of PMD', I am SURE such tragic 'accident' that can change a person's life and that of his/her loved ones WILL STOP!

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