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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 10-14 March 2018 - Almost stopping ...

This is the longest stretch I hv not written s8nce I started this blog as I was totally exhausted with the traveling in San Jose n San Diego n forced detour due to road closure!!

I dragged myself for almost stop writing n rekindled the urge to quit!!

So, here r a few comments:

1. Trump hogged the lime light with talk with Fat Kim n fire Tillerson!!

He is the man!!

2. Minister Shan mentioned falsehood can be or is the 1st step of activity to divide n screw Sgp. Hence he n the parliament must insist that WPy MP Slyvia Lim must apologise for "wrongly" accusing the government was dishonest etc.

The RISK is using the Flasehood discussion or the ability to  just muzzled some genuine honest factual non-lethal factual errors, which the gov clearly enjoy using it to silence genuine critics!

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