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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 20 January 2018 - Social media mktg for SERIOUS STUFF?

A side note: Duterte banning his country folks fr working as maids in the Middle East due to abuses n exploitation!! Good in him though some really want the jobs regardless! It also shows the need for those host nations to look deep into the behaviours of their citizens who employed these maids!!

"Commentary: What you get if you drink the Kool-Aid of social media marketing

The Ministry of Finance’s move to tap on social media influencers has drawn the attention of Singapore’s online community – and there are lessons we can all learn from this episode, says Channel NewsAsia’s Lin Suling.

The issue is as much about the channel as it is about the messenger.
An Instagram post calling for followers to head down to a serious discussion on the upcoming Budget feels out of place on a channel used by its native audience to search for tips on where to find the best bingsu in town or what on-trend fashion accessories to pepper your Chinese New Year outfit with."
Great attempt by the civil service to think abt using social media influencers to get their followers to consider Budget 2018; a tactic that was used supposedly in Budget 2017 too (to what effect I m not sure)!
At the same time I m not sure these folks hv anywhere close to 10k or 20k or 30k followers like in China where some hv millions of "fans"?
It comes across as more of a try we must though rationally the impact will be quite minimal unless statistic proved otherwise!!
At this late stage, I m not sure if the Minister of Finance n his staffs hv not already formulated the Budget 2018! If so, all these actions r just a waste of money, time n efforts! That it will leave a sour taste in the mouths of those who took the troubles to provide feedback!!
Worst thing to do is to "humour" the people! One day they may get fed-up with such wayang (pretentious behaviours by the MoF!!)
Be innovative n try. Yet, it is equally important to cut loss early n change to a winning possibility!

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