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Friday, January 19, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 19 January 2018 - One must pay to vandalize public security devices!

"Man jailed 4 months for vandalising police cameras at HDB block

INGAPORE: A 52-year-old man was sentenced to four months’ jail on Friday (Jan 19) for vandalising police cameras, causing damage worth S$980, because he was in a “bad mood”.
Lim Sin Ann pleaded guilty to two counts of vandalism on Friday. Another two charges, including one for stealing a PAssion card, were taken into consideration during sentencing.
Lim admitted that while in a bad mood in the early hours of Nov 6, 2017, he decided to burn three police cameras, also known as POLCAMs, at Block 212 Boon Lay Place.
To reach the cameras, Lim stood on a stool he had retrieved from his flat. He then set some newspapers alight and held it up to the camera. Lim did this to three POLCAMs, using an umbrella to shield himself from the cameras each time.
As a result of the vandalism, the lenses of the POLCAMs were blackened, and subsequent recording was “significantly blurred”, Deputy Public Prosecutor Kayal Pillay said.
Each POLCAM cost the Singapore Police Force S$327 to repair, she said, noting Lim did not make restitution."
Not sure why Mr Kim was moody nor if he has some more serious mental health issue. However from his ability n awareness to shield himself using an umbrella shows that he was not totally acting blindly! Otherwise he might hv gotten off on some mental health issues.
Vandalizing public properties is already not to be tolerated much less damaging public security devices set up to monitor bad folks m protecting innocent citizens m residents; not to mention visitors/tourists!
Not sure if Mr Kim is working n if he will lose his job due to this indiscretipn. 
Blessed him n hope he is not too hard done by. There r always consequences for not so good behaviours!!

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