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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 06 January 2018 - Change to engage the young

1st of all Trump is mentally unstaunstable per this "Fire n Fury" author though His Trumpness claimed himself to be a stablw genius!! Who is rifht? Honestly, who care!! Trump is POTUS  (President of the US). "Fairly" elected, Russian's interference cloud notwithstanding!

Until he is impeached, he is POTUS!!

"Indian grassroots must adapt to changing society: DPM Tharman

SINGAPORE: Indian grassroots organisations must adapt to changing societal needs and concerns when they engage with the community, Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said on Saturday (Jan 6).
“As the new generations grow up, there's also, inevitably, a diminishing sense of our history and our heritage as Singaporeans,” said Mr Tharman at a gala dinner celebrating the 40th anniversary of the People’s Association Indian Activity Executive Committees (IAECs). 
“We have to ... find new ways of operating, new ways of bringing volunteers, organising activities, new ways of binding ourselves together as Singaporeans.”
One way of strengthening societal cohesion is by doing more to maintain social mobility in different segments of society. 
For example, by “helping families whose children start off with a disadvantage, doing more to help those families who have not been able to keep up with changes in our economy and doing more to ensure that the elderly have friends in the neighbourhood and are never left without care,” Mr Tharman said.
“We must actively network and partner with other agencies and organisations to help the Indian community fully participate in new opportunities, today and for the future,” he added."
Indeed, each generation of whatever race in this fast changing media influenced world has very different perceptions of happenings, behaviours n tradition. 
Most of the time the "old or older" generation of that race will lament how the "new generation" simply r not as good n as tough as them!
Yet every generation has some outstanding people who do just as well, if not better, than the last generation! So, most likely the old n older generations r just too pessimistic abt the young n overestimating their own success!!
Change u must to be relevant. Otherwise, u will not be able to attract committed volunteers n the people u r trying to teach out to.
All the best to the Indian community self help!! 

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