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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 05 January 2018 - Fake news must be dealt with properly

1st of all, good to know: issues surrounding the Keppel Offshore & Marine corruption probe, as well as the misuse of e-scooters will be on the agenda when Parliament sits on Monday (Jan 8).

Also on the SkillsFuture Sgd42m fraud cases n the many SMRT issues.

Will follow up on 8/1 Monday!!

"Govt moots Select Committee to study deliberate spread and impact of online falsehoods

The panel, if appointed, will examine and report on the phenomenon of using digital technology to deliberately spread falsehoods online, among other issues."

This is a legitimate concern as malicious fake news, especially those that can incite strong irrational destructive emotional behaviours injuring racial n religious harmony MUST be spotted n stopped as quickly as possible due to the speed n spread of digitisation. 

While the best defence is a knowledgeable reader, this is no help when false news on brutality or murder were committed on your own race or religious fellows reached you! The natural instinct will be to condemn the "alleged attackers" or even retaliate "an eye for an eye"!!

So, quick recognition n quick clarification by credible sources must be present. The best time to build trust n be recognised as THAT credible sources has to be in normal time! 

Of course, the CORRECT news will be spread digitally too to match the speed of the malicious fake news. At the same time, groups of local leaders, especially the inter-faith n inter-racial circles, must appear in person to address the crowds should they congregate. 

The malicious fake news makers must be severely punished by a transparent law n rules n regulations after a fair n open trial. 

May we keep fake news to the minimum!! N long live the TRUTH always!!

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