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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 07 January 2018 - Neighbours fr hell!!

1st of all congratulation to Dr M for being nominated as the PM-Designate of the opposition political parties coalition in Msia. Hope he does it for the people!

"It's like 'living in a horror house', say terrorised Toa Payoh neighbours

SINGAPORE: Some days, she would find grains of salt and ashes on the front door and windows of her two-room flat in Block 55, Toa Payoh Lorong 5. On other days, she would find her laundry drenched in oil.
Mdm Lau Yoong Kin believes the culprit is her next-door neighbour, a woman in her 60s.
Mdm Lau said she and her husband have been tolerating their neighbour's antics for the past 10 years.
"It's like living in a horror house ... is this fit for human living?" said the 78-year-old retiree.
Sometimes, she'll have some liquid that smells like urine and she splashes that too," Mdm Lau said, adding that her own front door has corroded from daily exposure to water and salt. 
"We want to move out, but we cannot because we're not mobile," she added. "My husband just suffered a stroke and he cannot move much.""
This is shocking! I m not sure what's with that lady, some of her 'victims' may called her: "lady fr hell". I m also not very sure how the 2 elderly couple managed to live through this in the last 10 years as reported. 
More puzzles n bewilderment when many of her neighbours had suffered similarly.
To top it off, the problems solving competence of the TC n police r seriously in doubts. Maybe the laws need to be changed to deal with such unique case. That should hv happened after the 1st 5 years, NO?
Maybe THE relevant authorities will shed more lights after they respond to CNA follow up questions? Maybe they hv incredible difficulties to effectively deal with such case?
As for the brother that came to ask for forgiveness n what not, your intention is good. Yet, the victims were suffering. Not a bit too selfish?
A good case to follow after the infamous Elliott Road (?) in Katong?
Blessed the old neighbours.

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