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Monday, August 14, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 13 August 2017 - Candid conversations abt "religious" terrorism

"Candid Singapore conversations on terrorism's impact, in 'Regardless of Religion'

SINGAPORE: The rise in terror attacks and religiously-motivated hate crimes has increased divisions in societies around the globe. Here in Singapore, have they widened fault-lines too and affected how we view each other’s religious communities?

This is what a new Channel NewsAsia documentary seeks to find out. Broaching new controversial ground, the one-hour programme – which airs Monday (Aug 14) at 8pm – asks if Singaporeans are as resilient as they think they are, and what it will take to stay united – in the words of the pledge, regardless of religion.

It features candid conversations between presenter Dr Janil Puthucheary, and everyday people of different faiths – including university students of different faiths, religious leaders and the man on the street.

The documentary Regardless of Religion features several social experiments conducted with participants from different faiths.

In one of these, respondents were asked if religious harmony in Singapore had improved or deteriorated compared to 10 years ago, and whether terrorism has affected how they see each other.

Ms Jeanine Lim felt it had worsened, due to the spread of extremism worldwide, while Ms Nanthinie Ramdas cited the pervasiveness of social media today as contributing to terrorism being stereotyped and religious tensions.

In another experiment, participants were shown different statements about terror attacks made by politicians and media around the world, and asked which they found offensive. The differences in responses between Muslims and non-Muslims was telling."

An interesting documentary for sure n one that, lije last year's "Regardless of race", can only be done with a PAP MP fronting it as it would had been too controversial n potentially dangerous if it went out if control!!

As such, the credibility of the documentary, just as the last one on race, will be discounted as a "controlled" exercise as it is unlikely that the people featured in the documentaries are totally unguarded n candid. After all, you are on national TV n broaching a very sensitive topic!!

Having said that, it may be useful to add or minus the results of those "social experiments" if asking people to move up or down or to the left or right to indicate their degree of approval or acceptance of certain statements or situations; n take them to be a tough ball park gauge.

Religion is a very powerful emotive experience. If u r the purists n if your religion proclaimed to be the ONLY REAL WAY, n that any nin-believers hv to be eradicated; when u fail to act on it, u r impure n that will drive u to irrational behaviours. 

That is the danger of religious division. No political system in Sgp can allow religious issue to be explored. 

If perceptions can be changed for the better by been more open, dialogue can ensue. Yet, it is 9nly possible when no one religion is preaching the purist way!

Religions in Sgp has to be a give-n-take n ALWAYS secondary to secularism!!

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