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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 03 August 2017 - Neymar 357m!!

1. Neymar, the Brazilian footballer at 25 yrs old is worth Sgd357m to the Qatari Sports as it prepares to pay Barca to secure his release! He is negotiating for a UK£550K/Wk wage!!

The lunacy of oil money n the irony of how day-to-day honest wage pails against footballers hourly wage!!

Capitalism can make u sick really. This compare to the next news comment I hv.

2. "LTA may review regulations barring taxis, private hire cars from making deliveries

SINGAPORE: The Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Thursday (Aug 3) said it would monitor recent trends to see if current regulations - which disallow taxi and private hire car drivers from making deliveries without a passenger on board - need to be reviewed. 

Its response came hours after the National Private Hire Vehicles Association (NPHVA) called on the authority to review its position. The National Taxi Association had also reportedly urged the Government to conduct a trial to allow taxi drivers to deliver goods. 

In response to media queries, LTA said that, under current regulations, "taxis and private hire cars are public service vehicles licensed to carry passengers for hire and reward". 

"LTA will monitor recent trends to see if these regulations need to be reviewed,” it added.

In his earlier statement, the executive adviser of NPHVA, S Thiagarajan, said that many private hire drivers were "hoping that flexibility be provided for them to take on alternate job opportunities".

"The transport industry is going through rapid transformations and disruptions, and it is getting extremely competitive as private hire drivers strive to make a decent living," he said. "

So these taxi drivers n private car drivers want to be able to deliver goods also to make ends meet!! I wonder if Neymar has to resort to this!!

LTA is a joke here as taxi n private hired car r to ferry passengers n the fare is, hopefully, higher than ferrying goods! Also will the goods transportation drivers also complain abt unfair competition? 

Something is fundamentally wrong here. 

The authority has to hv some steels in them to show the way when some r lost. If driving taxi or private car to ferry passengers is not a viable j9b, time to switch!! Early n not cling on to a dying trade! Though some in this line stop claim to make decent 4-digit net income!

Peace to the taxi n private hired car drivers. 

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