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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 01 August 2017 - CHC Appeal, Foreign influence on EP? and This is the Season for Armed Roberries?

Welcome to the 1st day of August 2017.

1. Appeal by AGC on the 'rule of laws' for the CHC case

Interestingly the 2 dissenting judges in the High Court verdict DID expressed their dissatisfaction that their interpretation is 'unfortunate'?

Anyway, the interest in these 'leaders of the CHC' shows that there are still some who believed that they should never had been charged and put behind bars!

The Appeal Court judges will deliver their final judgement at a time they deemed fit. So, it will be interesting to know if the 'more severe' interpretation of the original laws will prevail!

This case is interesting vs. the 'when to start counting the EP terms' appeal case by Dr TCB where the Appeal Court judges also reserved their judgement to an unspecified date.

2. "Foreign interference in Singapore politics, elections 'cannot be underestimated': Chan Chun Sing

SINGAPORE: Singaporeans must be vigilant about any potential attempts by foreign parties to influence local politics and undermine the democratic process, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Chan Chun Sing on Tuesday (Aug 1).
He was responding to questions in Parliament about whether elections in Singapore are vulnerable to foreign interference, particularly with the Presidential Election due in September.
“Foreign interference in domestic politics and electoral processes cannot be underestimated and must always be factored into our social and psychological defence,” said Mr Chan.
“History has shown that bigger and more powerful states will seek to advance their interests by projecting their influence on usually smaller or less organised ones via all instruments of power,” he added. “We cannot expect to be immune to such external forces.”"

Am you kidding me? This is NOT a FAKE NEWS by CNA right?

I wonder why this topic even come up in Parliament. Strange! If I subscribed to 'conspiracy theory', maybe it is to pre-empt the Appeal Court's judgement on the EP challenge brought by Dr TCB! Nah. Maybe I am just been overly sensitive and paranoid!

In any case, the BEST response was also provided by Minister Chan himself:
“Ultimately, our best defence is a discerning electorate that recognises the realities of geopolitics and the world which we live in.”
3. This is the season for Armed Robberies in S'pore?
"Armed robbery at Western Union branch in Ubi; suspect at large"!
Was just commenting on the armed robbery at a Shell petrol yesterday where the suspect was arrested almost immediately, we have this armed robbery in Ubi happening!
Is this the season for armed robberies in S'pore or what? 2 cases in 2 days!! This one got away for now. Hopefully he/she will be captured very soon so that no other copycats can emerge. The last robbery was done with a written note passed to the bank teller by a foreigner who fled immediately to Bangkok, Thailand before been captured there. Hope this one that got away did not make it pass the border this time!
The only saving grace, if any, is that the 2 armed robberies involved only knife and no fire arms. Still, let there be no 3rd case anytime soon!!

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