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Monday, July 31, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 31 July 2017 - Armed robbery!! Done talking with North Korea!!

Last day of July!! 2/3 of 2017 gone! Still on track for most of my 2017 Resolutions!! Keeping moving...

1. 48-yr old man arrested for armed robbery at a Shell Petrol Station

Not sure why the robber took this risk. Armed robberies in Sgp is quite rare n the law MUST make sure that exemplary punishment r meted out to deter any would be copycats. Of course if the robber resorted to this high risk crime due to some compassionate reasons n no one is hurt, the punishment can be mediated.

Peace to all.

2. US Ambassador to UN declared that USA is done with talking to North Korea (PROK)

As a diplomat n foreign affairs person, talking is never done as "war" is to be declared by the President or the Defence Ministry.

So, keep talking or say we will keep talking. The actions, if any, will come fr another source.

For PRC, anyone pushing for a confrontation with PROK is unwelcome as it WILL face million of refugees rushing across the China border should conflict starts. The Chinese r interested in making money, n not from selling arms by the way, through commerce n other means. Having huge inflow of refugees that create close contact n tensions r totally productive n draining scare resources. This approach is ineffective.

So, China would not hv this. The USA simply enjoy creating conflict at other people's country but never near or in the USA!!

Am I been cynical or there r some unfortunate evil truth in this theory?

Sgp must never b drawn into this. Peace to the world.

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