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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 30 July 2017 - NS50 n PLA90!!

NS50 is going to be a big thing in Sgp as the government wants to set in front n central the importance of showing everyone we hv a strong n effective armed forces that no one should mess with us!

At the same time, the unwarranted distraction n noises abt the poor rating n associated ranting by supposedly NSmen given to tbe SGSecure mobile app shows that our boys still need some convincing. One thing that stood out for sure is: Convince us through persuasion n reason instead of "ordering n forcing" us to accept!!

This again shows that what works in a regimented armed forces do not necessarily translate well!!

Hopefully our boys will take SGSecure seriously if not the mobile app!!

On 1st August 2017, the PLA will celebrate its founding 90 yrs ago. President Xi (in PRC, they r more interested in his titles of: 1. Sec-Gen of CCP; 2. Chairman of PRC; n 3. Chairman of CMC) said in a slogan if u like: "Our heroic PLA will defeat n crash any invaders!"

I m very glad to see that the emphasis is: defence! Defeat n crash the invaders!!

Hopefully a strong PRC means peace n stability to the region n the world with them as defenders n not invaders.

ps: many of my Chinese friends r fairly excited abt this anniversary. I can sense their pride that their nation will not be bullied again by foreign powers. 

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