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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 18-19 July 2017 - Msia Boleh! SAF to the Philippines!

Was a bit tardy the last 2 nights with London time messing me up a bit. LOL!

1. "Diving: Malaysia pips China in 10m platform for historic gold

BUDAPEST: Cheong Jun Hoong won Malaysia's first ever diving gold medal at the aquatics world championships in Budapest on Wednesday (Jul 19) in the women's 10 metre platform event.

"My god, I'm a world champion!" said Cheong who came first with 397.50 points. "I hoped for a medal, but I didn't think I could beat the Chinese divers," she said."

Congratulations to Ms Cheong! A wonderful achievement as the Chinese Woman Divers are considered divine!

Msia boleh indeed.

p/s: hope our Joseph will do the best he can for S'pore next!

2. "Singapore offers SAF assistance to help Philippines fight terrorism

SINGAPORE: Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen has offered the Singapore Armed Forces' (SAF) assistance to counter the threat of terrorism in Philippines together with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) said on Wednesday (Jul 19).

In a media release, MINDEF said the SAF's assistance will include a Republic of Singapore Air Force C-130 transport aircraft, use of the SAF's urban training villages for AFP troops, and a detachment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to enhance the AFP's intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, MINDEF said.

The C-130 will be used to deliver humanitarian supplies to the evacuees from Marawi, it added.

Dr Ng, in a separate Facebook post on Wednesday, said the ISIS-linked networks and their leaders want to establish bases in Marawi and, from there, launch further attacks against other cities within Philippines and ASEAN, such as those in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

"Many countries within ASEAN and beyond are monitoring the extremist violence there and offering assistance. Peace-loving countries understand that if we do not combat terrorism together, we will be attacked individually, and our citizens will never be safe at home," he wrote.

"While the AFP is confident that Marawi will be secured from terrorists soon, further concerted efforts are required to ensure that other terrorist cells do not entrench themselves in the southern Philippines, as this would cause instability to the rest of ASEAN," MINDEF said."

It is ALSO inevitable that S'pore has to contribute to the defence against ISIS as a member of Asean. That it has finally happened should not be a surprise.

Of course, the concerns of any parents or active or reservist NSF personnel about possible casualties when their sons or themselves are involved in such missions.

My take on war, any war, is that 'war' is insanity. Something to be avoided AT ALL COST if possible.

When our own existence and survival is threatened, there is NO CHOICE but to fight back. In this case, pro-actively.

May our boys be safe while conducting those humanitarian missions!

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