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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 17 July 2017 - Lee's saga round 2?

"AGC looking into Li Shengwu’s comments on Singapore court system

SINGAPORE: The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) said on Monday (Jul 17) it is looking into comments made by Mr Li Shengwu – the eldest son of Mr Lee Hsien Yang – on Singapore’s court system.

In a Facebook post last Saturday, Mr Li shared a link to a Wall Street Journal article on the family feud between his father, his aunt Lee Wei Ling and his uncle Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, calling it a good summary.

He also made a comment criticising the court system in Singapore. 

In response to media queries, the AGC said on Monday it is aware of the post and is looking into the matter.

In a subsequent comment on Monday, Mr Li said the original Facebook post was shared on "friends only" privacy settings. He also said he was "somewhat surprised" that what he had said "has been enough to trigger a response from the Attorney-General's Chambers".

Dr Lee Wei Ling also posted about the matter on Facebook, saying that she is "surprised that AGC takes such negative reaction to a private post"."

Is this ROUND 2 of the LEE's saga with the next generation getting involved?

Must it ends in court to fully settle this "a fig leaf" in a long big brewing animosity within the 2nd generation of LEEs expressed by RAM Goh in the 2-day "be all n end all" unproductive parliamentary "debates"?

While surprises were expressed by the 3rd gen Lee n LWL, it is AGC that will hv to express its position on what it means by "looking into the FB comments".

If it is contempt of court, charged the young Lee.

If it is not contempt of court, better be sure everyone else who do the same will never b charged so as to demonstrate integrity n impartiality.

Is this the trigger for lhl n lwl to re-enter the arena??!!


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