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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 10 July 2017 - 1st World Country?

"44 men housed in roach-infested apartment in Geylang

SINGAPORE: An illegal dormitory in Geylang housing up to 44 men was raided by officers from the Minstry of Manpower's (MOM) last Thursday (Jul 6), the Migrant Workers' Centre (MWC) said in a Facebook post on Monday. 

It was discovered following a call to MWC's helpline by a migrant worker.

"The overcrowding, partitioning and obvious overuse of on-site amenities like electrical, water and gas points created serious health and safety issues to the occupants of the unit, and it was abundantly clear that immediate action was necessary," MWC added.

Workers living there did not report the living conditions to authorities for fear of reprisals from their employers and being left without a place to live, the non-governmental organisation said.

The Manpower Ministry is investigating the matter and has ordered employers of the occupants to relocate them to properly appointed and approved housing immediately, MWC said."

Honestly this is a very disgraceful behaviours by whoever the employees r!! Not only is it disgraceful, it is actually barbaric n utterly uncivilized behaviours betraying our 1st World nation tag!

This type of treatment of workers belonged to the last centuries where workers were treated like slaves in inhumame conditions while their masters live it up.

Besides finding proper accommodation for these 44 men, hopefully their employers r still solvent n have the cash to pay them after relocating them!!

The employers may hv their sad n hard luck stories to tell but engaging in businesses where u can't make money to pay n house your workers tell that I should not be in biz or in this biz at all!

Regardless of the employers' reasons, they hv to pay a big price for this outrageous violation  of basic human dignity n right!!

May the MOM b tough on these errant employers.

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