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Monday, July 10, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 09 July 2017 - ISIS is down...

"Iraq PM hails forces for securing Mosul 'victory'
The victory comes at an enormous cost: much of Iraq's second city in ruins, thousands dead and wounded, and nearly a million people forced from their home

And enormous challenges lie ahead, not just in rebuilding Mosul but in tackling the continued presence elsewhere of IS, whose threat has been sharply reduced but not eliminated.

Photographs released by his office showed Abadi dressed in a black military uniform and cap, shaking hands with police and army officers."

So, "finally" the Iraqis forces had taken control of the "capital" of the IS Caliphate. Many wished it could, or should, had been done earlier considering these were not properly trained armed forces n without the fire powers n finances of the many western allies who r the world's biggest economies n arms sellers.

Oops, not supposed to mention arms sellers as the allies only hv the Iraqi people's intetests n well being in mind! 

This talk of a religious war simply makes no sense to any rational being's who just want a "normal" ordinary life to live in harmony so that there r peace n stability to pursue prosperity n happiness not necessarily in that order.

Yet to the fanatic, whatever the religious teaching they fervently believe in will mean if they live the "normal" life or the "pure life of only believers deserved to live"!

All the successes to the Iraqi forces, n more importantly, the people in their rebuilding of Mosul n their own nation. 

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