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Friday, July 7, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 06 July 2017 - PM Lee working n Dr Tan's EP Challenge

1. "PM Lee and Chinese President Xi affirm bilateral ties" 


"Singapore, Germany to embark on new areas of cooperation: PM Lee"

Good to see the PM doing real work at the pre-G20 meeting in Hamburg. 

Two important nations to hv good relationship with especially with the unpredictable Trump in charge of the USA. 

2. "Tan Cheng Bock's legal challenge on the reserved presidential election explained"

Hoping against hopes, i hope the judge will rule in the favour of Dr Tan n his lawyer like those 2 judges in the CHC case. Not a nice example but would definitely be a much more welcoming verdict.

Given the recent LEEs saga, maybe to hv Dr Tan contesting as the next EP is a good balance of powers?

Anyway, in the event of failure by Dr Tan's case, it will be great to hv Mdm Speaker to be the ONLY candidate as she is the broadest representative of a minority, a female Malay Muslim!! PERFECT to promote for women's right, Malay race n also a sensitive time for the great religion of Islams.

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