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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 07 July 2017 - EP Case by Dr Tan failed

"In court documents obtained by Channel NewsAsia, the Attorney-General’s Chambers accused Dr Tan of “running a case that is entirely self-serving”.

“(Dr Tan) is advancing a strained interpretation of the Constitution so that he can apply to stand as a candidate in the coming (PE).

“His motives are purely selfish and he has shown no regard for the principle of multiracial representation which Parliament intended to safeguard,” Deputy Attorney-General (DAG) Hri Kumar Nair said.

In written submissions to the High Court, DAG Nair defended the Government’s decision to count President Wee Singapore’s first elected President.

The Constitution “does not impose any requirement on which President, or which category of Presidents the Legislature must choose or choose from”, he said.

DAG Nair added the Legislature has powers “to end the hiatus for any community sooner rather than later”, and that Dr Tan’s bid “undermines the longstanding imperative for multiracial representation in the office of the President, which the reserved election framework seeks to safeguard”."

So Dr Tan's contest to the legitimacy of the reserved only EP was dismissed. Not surprising though miracle could happen as in the CHC case though not in the good way as the public felt otherwise! 

Here, most public r also feeling otherwise!!

What is distasteful is the language used on Dr Tan by the DAG Sri Kumar accusing Dr Tan of bring selfish n disregarding multiracialism!

Dr Tan is challenging the constitution. How the hack did DAG Kumar knows that Dr Tan is selfish n disregard multiracialism? 

The High Court judge could hv at least tell him off n to be respectful of Dr Tan, who had served as PAP MP for more than 20+ years n surely had contributed to racial harmony!

Dr Tan has wisely n respectfully pointed out that he is challenging when to count the EP from. For the layman, EP means the one elected by the people in an EP contest, if it has more than 1 candidates. Pure n simple.

IF course the court can read it as any President as deem fit by the legislature though the judge, representing the judiciary branch is supposed to interpret it. And it had. The judge said the counting fr President Wee, NOT an EP, is the EP for the 5 consecutive terms to count from. 

To the voters, it does not make sense. Pure n simple.

Let's c if Dr Tan will appeal this decision.

DAG Kumar, it is with regret that u hv to hit below the belt n raising irrelevant argument point. U owe Dr Tan an apology for insulting this man who just want to contest the legality of counting the 5 consecutive EP term that makes sense to common voters. No need personal attack really.

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