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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 05 July 2017 - North Korea...

So "Fat Kim" did it again! Tested a ICBM n seemed to be a successful one too judging fr the USA, South Korea n Japan responses. China is again asked to put pressure on Fat Kim, which the Chinese would dearly like to n want to by could not!! Fat Kim is a different generation n has his own rules of the game. His own rules!! Much like a rebellious son n the only way to really deal with such a son, after all else failed, is to put him down n out!! A painful decision that will be taken only as a last last resort!!

Stay tune as this Fat Kim is not in a hurry to exit the center stage that quickly. Not in his own volition for sure. He must be removed or dragged off the stage regardless.
ps: would be interesting to know the identity of the dead Sgp fighter who fought in Marawi City, the Philippines, n his background n started recovery n damage control.

ps: The PM finally got down to biz joining the Sultan of Brunei on the 50th anniversary of intercurrency arrangement instead ore mired in the tragic no-win family disputes.Tks 

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