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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 22 June 2017 - Summer Heat in London, Oxford n Brussels

Crazy weather in London, Oxford n now in Brussels! At 30 or 33 C, it is not as hot as in Sgp, yet it feels like much hotter! Draining energy n the sun light just bites into your skin!! Now I can better understand how people really died from summer heat!!

Hot topics in Sgp is still the sad Lee's saga with DPM Tharman explaining that the ministerial committee is a fairly std operating method of how the government of the day work.

My question is still the same: for this one, was it formed because of PM Lee?

Ps: Minister Yakob's exhortation to the religious leaders to be more vocal n proactive on cyberspace is a great call. The silent majority cannot continue to be quiet. It would be wrong n a disservice to the religion they professed to believe in n practiced.

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