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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 23 June 2017 - Who lets the dog out?

"SINGAPORE: The final will of late founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew “specifically accepts and acknowledges that demolition may not take place”, said Senior Minister of State for Law Indranee Rajah.
In a Facebook post on Friday (Jun 23) titled “4 Things You Should Know about the Oxley Dispute”, Ms Indranee said Mr Lee “accepted that the house may not be demolished and in such case expressed his wishes on what should happen”. “Essentially he did not want the house to be open to the public," she wrote."

Most will be, reluctantly as it should be a private matter, ok for DPM Teo, Shan n Lawrence to comment on this issue since they were in the "not so secret" ministerial committee "ordained" or "invited to form" by PM Lee, or a std operating procedure as "clarified by" DPM Tharman  (which is already most unfortunate as he should hv stayed above this though team peers pressure on him is very high (?)).

But for Indranee to comment in this shows, in some quarters, immaturity n insensitivity of when to SHUT UP n not appeared to be too eager to please one's master. She clearly has done her reputation no good.

If the laws r changed n HIS wish of HIS, n his wife, old house CANNOT be demolished, HE can't do nothing abt it. Does that means HE DOES NOT want the old house demolished so that public can trampled over HIS old house??

Indranee, go reflect n maybe repent on what y hv just said?

Another reflection of "Yes" culture as millions dollar fixed pay r involved?

This sad saga really shows tell tales signs that our elitists system is getting seriously sick...

Worthy of the voters to think hard n deep?

Ps: as one, or many, had shared: even if the house is kept n made into a monument, n tourist spot, the explanationary notes, visual or audio/video, hv to state the FACTS that this house was kept AFTER an epic fight between LEE KUAN YEW's 3 kids, n with the Government intervention. This IS the legacy of "The house of Sgp political founding PM". Made for a nightmarish memories????

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