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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 21 June 2017 - DPM Teo's Credibility?

"38 Oxley Road dispute: Govt of the day has to be responsible for decision on house, says DPM Teo

"Mr Lee Kuan Yew himself understood this and would have expected the Government to do so," he said."

It is MOST unfortunate that DPM Teo has to be involved. 

Questions for DPM Teo r:

1. is this idea entirely HIM n HIS ALONE to set up this ministerial committee (1st time n unprecedented for a private person's last will) though "not secret" before PM Lee's strong desire to want to fulfill his Mother n Father's last wish as a "filial" son vs. wanting to keep the old house due to national interest?;

2. if his answer is Yes n under oath, his credibility n integrity r intact. IF not, he could be under undue influence or even duress to form this committee?!;

3. IF his answer is Yes n under oath n of his own free wish, the public input he seeks regarding the treatment of the old house as a private citizen fr me will b: "to respect late Mrs n Mr Lee's last wish as PM Lee had said as a son he wants to fulfill their n Mr Lee's last wish". Do your buddy a favour!! Relief him of his "unfilial son" torment!! I won't blame u if u shows some compassion here. 

We can keep Mr Lee's legacy by naming all airport terminals Lee Kuan Yew Terminal 1, 2, 3, 4 n nth. Marina Barrage Lee Kuan Yew Marina Reservoir. Garden by the Bay Lee Kuan Yew Garden by the Bay. Make every school kids read HIS-story as they read The history of M9dern Sgp!! etc. etc.


I questioned n I made constructive suggestions too to resolve this SAD SAD situation!!

ps: by the way, how come DPM Tharman, Minister Khaw n Minister Kim Hng Kiang, the MORE senior ministers not involved? 

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