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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 20 June 2017 - Uniformed terrorists?

"SINGAPORE: The arrest of two auxiliary police officers under the Internal Security Act is all the more "chilling" as they had been entrusted with protecting Singapore's society but instead chose to endanger it, Mr Masagos Zulkifli said on Tuesday (Jun 20). 

Muhammad Khairul Mohamed, a 24-year-old AETOS officer, was detained for planning to travel to Syria to take part in armed violence, while his colleague, Mohammad Rizal Wahid, 36, was put under a restriction order for supporting Khairul's intentions.

"The most recent arrest is more chilling given that these two were trusted to protect our society, but instead chose to endanger it. I’m glad our authorities have stopped them in time," Mr Masagos, who is Environment and Water Resources Minister, said in a Facebook post.

In a separate post, Parliament Secretary for Home Affairs Amrin Amin condemned "Khairul's ill intentions and Rizal's irresponsible inaction".

"Their conduct has disgraced the uniformed service. They have let Singapore and the community down," he said."

It is only proper that the arrest of these 2 uniformed radicalised persons be made known to the people.

While we may express disbelief n shock as to why despite been trained to uphold the laws n protect the people, these 2 hv acted diffetently; the answer is quite simple: no rewards by mere men can compare to those bestowed by religion! Think the CHC case where there r still thousands of worshippers still believe in the 6 disgraced n convicted "leaders"!!

So, to tell on your mates who r, or hv been, radicalised must be done without references to the emotionally powerful religious belief. It must be done on pure rationality of how a radicalised person can destroy the peace n harmony of a nation such that there is no way to seek properties by the citizens n residents of the nation!!

May the election of a female Muslim EP help to inspire that M

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