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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 10 June 2017 - PM Lee on Australia National Radio

"SINGAPORE: While it is assumed that a terrorist attack will take place in Singapore at some point, the country is psychologically prepared for it, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in an interview with Australia’s ABC Radio National broadcast on Saturday (Jun 10).

Mr Lee said that following the Manchester suicide bombing attack, “you can never say that it will not happen. For us, we assume it is a matter of when and not whether”. This is especially so for a potential lone wolf attack, as it is very difficult to preempt and prevent, he added.

The prime minister also noted that there are activists who have gone to the Middle East – from Malaysia, Indonesia and a few from Singapore. There are also those who have gone to the southern Philippines and linked up with separatist groups there, such as the Maute group in Marawi and the Abu Sayyaf group.

“It is a clear and present danger,” he pointed out.  

“China has been developing, growing in economic strength and its influence in the region. That will continue. We are happy to see China prospering, we are happy to see China playing a constructive and positive role in the region,” he said.

“We hope that this will be within an international framework where all countries can prosper, big and small, in a rules-based international order.”"

Sometimes u wish that the PM can just leave some comments out whenever he is asked. Yet, it is understandably hard to convince him to leave something out if he is darn sure he is correct. Regardless if that "something" if left out does not mean u don't care!!

1. the one on clear n present danger of a terrorist attack in Sgp is well communicated in Sgp already. People also know if it happened n indeed by some who claimed to do it under Islam, Sgp citizens will not accept it. They will clearly state that: u killed innocent people, u r murderers n terrorists. Period!!;

2. the one on "in a rules-based international order", that is not necessary. It can be implied. As it is the Chinese has been unhappy with us saying this n they hv made it clear they were unhappy. Is there really a need to say it again knowing they WILL be unhappy again?

It is true we r an independent country. Let no one tell us what to say. Yet, the USA had said things they want to say. The Russian did the same. Chinese too. Yet, when u r not on the same level as these 3 powers, it is ok to SHUT UP n act only when they "bullied us at our door steps" since we hv the capabilities to take some down with us as we go down!

The truly ready does not need t

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