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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 09 June 2017 - Tim Cook: Texh without values is worthless

"Apple's Tim Cook warns MIT graduates: Threats from technology are 'cutting deeper than ever before'

Tim Cook addressed the graduating class of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Friday.

The Apple CEO told the MIT Technology Review on Thursday that he hopes technology will serve humanity by protecting people's privacy, even when using tools like machine learning to address the ills of humankind."

People like to listen to "successful" people talk as they feel n/or believe they can learn from these "successful" people to become "successful" themselves.

Tim Cook helms one of the biggest n most profitable high tech companies in the world since Steve Jobs went to iHeaven. I sometimes think that it is obscene for its cash n cash equivalent holding to be in the USD 200+B!!

Anyway, that's not the point i want to make. The headline: "Technology without values is worthless" should be changed to: "Technology without values is harmful!"

Values as in human values like: mutually respecting each human being as is; integrity; compassion; be the master of money n technologies instead of being a slave; be able to love/laugh/live n let live, etc.

Otherwise, advances in technologies can only mean concentration of power n wealth in a select few who truly dug technologies. They will be the nightmares of many horror sci-fi stories n movies where the few "wicked"  human being will be the masters n lords of the majority n the focus will be on maintaining the STATUS QUO so that the Master class becomes a natural progression while the rest of the human race r just tools n resources at these privileged class's disposal.

So intelligent thinking may even challenged me that in the political arena of Sgp, this privileged master class or elites r already a reality without too much damages right?

I m not sure. If it is true, maybe we need to give it another 20-30 yrs to truly see if inbreeding can continue to produce a better n better class of the same elites or not?

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