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Friday, June 9, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 08 June 2017 - X-FBI Director's Testimony!!

Was watching the testimony of the X-FBI Director to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee for a good 2 hrs on BBC n found it fascinating.

My observations on how leader can influence the behaviours of his/her subordinates n their mental state!!

I will leave the "who do u believe - Comey or Trump" to your own judgement n just comment on the leadership thingy.

1. It is true when the leader asks the subordinates to do things that r not right, it puts a lot of stress on the righteous person, even one as noble n powerful as the Director of FBI whose mission is to uphold the law of the USA n is constitutionally independent of the President Administration!!;

2. the righteous people may not be prepared to be direct n honest to tell the "boss" that it was wrong or inappropriate to interfere in the investigation as doing so may cause him/her the job that they love n want to do. Money n power aside!! This is blatantly unfair to the subordinates n yet it is the reality.

In Comey's case, it is not even an option if he had been direct n openly told President Trump that  his veiled request to "lift the cloud n let Michael Flyn's case go" when he was alone with the President!! NOBODY will know he got fired becoz he had been direct n open with his "ultimate BOSS"!!

3. it is upon the leader to avoid putting his/her people in those situations. It means the leader has to hv absolute integrity n honesty. Yet, to err is human. Hence there must be independent check n balance mechanism to ensure that leader does not develop narcissism n fails to recognise one's own mistakes n faults.

4. Only with strong n independent check n balance can the subordinates be able to completely be open n honest instead of been evasive or even closing both eyes when something unjust n wrong happened!!

Leader must b clean n righteous so that subordinates hv a chance to help the leader do the right things right!

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