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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 07 June 2017 - Infiltration of Chinese into Australia

Unusual terrorist attacks in Tehran, Iran! The country wher some say train, sponsor n export terrorists! Hmm.

"SINGAPORE: An investigation by Australian media claiming that China was attempting to exert its influence in the country has been slammed by Beijing, according to a report on Monday (Jun 5) by the Global Times.

China's foreign ministry said the claim by a joint Fairfax Media-ABC investigation that China was "secretly infiltrating" Australia is baseless, according to the report.

"There is no basis for the related claim, which is extremely irresponsible and isn't worth refuting," Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying was quoted as saying when she was asked to comment on the issue at a press conference on Monday.

"China urges related Australian media to abide by professional ethics of journalism, discard ideological bias, and do objective and fair reports on China's development and Sino-Australian ties," Hua added, according to the report."

Not sure why the media decided to publish this. In any case, if the government welcome foreigners for their money or talent, the Chinese n Indian can provide at least a few millions or even tens of millions if the country can accommodate them since many want to escape fr their own countries.

As too is this an infiltration or not? It depends on if the host country can create such a pull that the new migrants will not even think abt their original home nations!

Does the Lucky Country as Australia is known fit this bill? Probably. Yet, if everyone is focused on jobs n money only, the fresh air, clean air n fertile soils coupled with civil liberty n respect for each human being will be ignored. In which case, the Aussie has no chance as China, n to some extent India, r the best place to make money!!

Same thing with Sgp!! If Sgp is only attractive for making money, it is at best a stepping stone before the new migrants move on. Of course, if during this transitional period they pay taxes n contribute to the GDP growth, not too bad.

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